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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #10: How to Build Your Practice through Great Search Engine Rank

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How to Build Your Practice through Great Search Engine Rank

I imagine that many, if not most of you, heard about these Podcasts on the Internet, probably on one of my websites or one of the email groups that we moderate. That shows the power of good Internet Marketing! Do you have a website? If you do, can people find it?

In this Podcast, I enlist the help of our full-time IT guy, Chris Lucia. For nine years, I took total responsibility for my website, but when I wanted to turn that over to someone else I needed to find someone who was really good, and wanted to be better. Well, Chris turned out to be that guy. And, if you have been coming to our websites for over for a year or so you will have noticed that we have been doing a lot of work on them. Chris has made much of that possible, and as a result my sites are more sophisticated and better designed than ever.

Today I sprang this idea on Chris. (I thought it was the only humane thing to do that way he would have to worry about it too much.) I said something like, “Guess what Chris? You are going to do a Podcast with me today on search engine optimization!” You should have seen the look on his face. You see, Chris is a “man of few words” as they say. But he went to work putting together some of the most important points that one could use right now to do better on the search engines. What a guy!

It was quite fun really. After he agreed to do the talk, he checked our ranking on Google for some key words. We knew that we were doing well, but he thought he would check just to see if there was any more good news to report. Now for us, the main and most important key words are “hypnosis training” and today when we checked we were #1 on Google. (We all did a little victory dance and gave each other high-fives!) How do we do that! I get asked that all the time. Well it takes a bit of work and persistence.

In this Podcast Chris and I are going to give you some tips that you can use over the weekend which can really make a difference for your website, even if you aren’t a “computer person”! I think you will find this one really interesting.

Thanks Chris for helping us out with this one!

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