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Monthly Archives: August 2006

Live Support Comes to Banyan Websites!

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Now you can get live online support when you visit two of our websites: With this new live support system you can confidently get information about any of our hypnosis training materials, courses and services. (Acutally it has … Continue reading

Hypnotist says spouses can stop hearing snores

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Shoot, we know this. That is why we produced our Free to Sleep with a Snorer a few years back. Anyway, I recommend that you take a look at this article where Deryl Harrison, a certified hypnotherapist, talks about snoring … Continue reading

The Complete 2006 NGH Convention Available on a 7 CD Set – Simply Amazing

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I am just so excited to make this announcement. We have made the deal with the National Guild of Hypnotists to provide you with this very new and exciting professional development tool! For the first time ever, you can now … Continue reading