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Hypnosis Training Video #367: Secret Language of Feelings – Part One, the Story Behind the Book

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Hypnotherapist Cal Banyan in Secret Language of Feelings – Part One, the Story Behind the BookHypnotherapist Brenda Titus in Secret Language of Feelings – Part One, the Story Behind the Book

TSLOFSecret Language of Feelings – Part One, the Story Behind the Book

Happy Hypno-Tuesday! Cal Banyan and Brenda Titus are back to bring latest episode of Hypnosis Etc. on In today’s episode, Brenda and Cal talk about the book one non-hypnosis book that Brenda read that had the most effect on how she does hypnosis now. She shares the source of her inspiration why she wants to talk about The Secret Language of Feelings book.

USA todayCal quickly announces some hypnosis news and tells you about a news article saying that hypnotherapy can be effective for changing behaviors based on studies. Cal and Brenda share their insights about the article.

Brenda then asks Cal where is the whole idea of writing the book The Secret Language of Feelings came from. Cal shares how it all started and the story behind the book. He discusses the wisdom of feelings and the connection between thinking and feeling.

Things discussed in today’s video:

Secret Language of Feelings, the Story Behind the Book

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3 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video #367: Secret Language of Feelings – Part One, the Story Behind the Book

  1. Celeste Hackett February 11, 2014 at 11:09 AM

    Thanks for keeping us up to date on the hypno news Cal. I didn’t see the USA today article. That’s great to hear and now I’ll have to go look it up.

    For your hypnosis or mental health practice reading The Secret Language of Feelings you’ll understand your clients better than ever and be able to help them.

    If you feel that emotional people are just crazy and they make no sense, so better just to NOT deal with them or allow them to express their feelings…you need this book.

    Some people just decide not to do emotions, and relationships suffer. You can wind up mighty lonely if you don’t learn to be with someone emotionally. And if you do…. you’ll be their ever-lovin’ HERO for life. They will feel like NOONE understands them like YOU do.

    Or if you feel you yourself are crazy because you are too emotional, you’ll also love this book which shows there is nothing wrong with you, but that your feelings are just trying to tell you something very important. Once you listen and respond correctly you feel SO much better.

    Husbands and wives should read this to understand each other. How many marriages would be saved if they did I wonder. Forget the book on Love Languages or Mars and Venus, put your dollars HERE.

    Parents should read this book to understand children and should teach their children about how emotions are generated and how to resolve them.

    You can help, with this book, your kids to feel loved, safe, secure, connected and worthwhile. Feeling unloved, unsafe, lonely and invisible can cause tremendous problems like too much anger, rejecting parents and not talking to you, even drug and alcohol usage and more.

    Being emotionally intelligent is a highly sought after life skill in business also, so it will really help you to get ahead at work to learn this stuff.

    This book changed my life and my practice. Can’t say enough about it.

    You two are awesome!

  2. Susan Mundy April 16, 2015 at 5:41 AM

    Wonderful podcast Cal & Brenda, thanks so much!

    I am on my second reading of The Secret Language of Feelins now (inbetween my 5Path studying) and have to say I totally agree with the lady you mentioned Brenda who said it was her favourite book for improving her hypnosis practice. I can see how poerful it is and have already quoted it on many occasions.

    It is such a well written book Cal, congratulations. What insights it offers into our emotions.

    i am reminded of a favourite quote from Ludwig.Wittgenstein “the limits of our language are the limits of our lives”. I firmly believe he was spot on and thanks to your book Cal, The Secret Language of Feelings will be a great help in widening those limits and improving lives for many, many people.
    It certainly has for me.


  3. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH April 16, 2015 at 11:35 AM

    Thanks so much Susan! I am proud of it and we regularly give a copy to our clients who like to read. It gives both the client and the hypnotist a “language” that they can use to talk about feelings.

    Let’s do GREAT things together,

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