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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #24: Cal Interviewed by John Graden Who is Writing the Book, The Modern Masters of Hypnosis

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John Graden

Cal Interviewed by John Graden Who is Writing the Book, The Modern Masters of Hypnosis

A few days ago I agreed to do an interview over the telephone with John Graden who is writing a book, and also contributes articles to the Banyan Hypnosis E-Zine. The working title of that book is, The Modern Masters of Hypnosis. About 10 minutes before the interview I thought that it might a good idea to make a video recording of the interview.

So, if you want to see me on “the hot seat” answering questions about how we built our center, I think you will really joy this unscripted, candid interview.

Since I thought of it at the last minute I did not have time to set it up where you could hear his questions, darn! But, I decided to go ahead with it anyway, and I wrote myself a note to remember to repeat the question, or to state the question in my answer. (I know it would have been a lot better if you could have heard John’s questions, so don’t write me about that. :-p)

In case you are wondering where the telephone is, I’m using a Bluetooth ear piece. You’ll see it of you look at my left ear.

If you want to know when this book is available, just keep checking back because (or subscribe to the blog) I will definitely post an announcement here. I expect this to be a must have book for everyone wanting to be more successful in our profession. I know I’m going to get a copy. I hope that John will allow us to make it available on the website.

I think that the content of this interview (and John’s book) will be of interest to all hypnotists who want to learn more about how to build their hypnosis practice to a new level. In addition to answering John’s questions, I also briefly go through the Banyan Star Model for building a hypnosis center.

So with that introduction, I give you this interview…

I hope you can attend the NGH Solid Gold Weekend, where I will be able to go into much more detail about the Banyan Star Model. Also, Maureen Banyan will be giving a talk on how to book appointments.

Here are some related resources from the content covered in the interview:

By the way, for those of you who have been following my weight loss progress, I hope you will notice that I’ve shed some weight. I weighed in this morning and found that I have lost 23 pounds since January 4, just about 5 or 6 weeks ago! I am on track for reaching my ideal weight for the convention. I hope you will also come to the NGH Convention in August. (If your a hypnotist that could benefit from losing some weight, why don’t you join me in making the commitment to going to the convention this year at your ideal body weight? Check out my 9-Step Weight Loss Program to learn how I am doing it.)

One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #24: Cal Interviewed by John Graden Who is Writing the Book, The Modern Masters of Hypnosis

  1. Beth Stewart February 23, 2007 at 7:52 AM

    Dear Cal
    I just watched your interview for John’s book and I must confess that I am finally “getting” what your contribution to the profession of hypnosis is. Up until today I thought you were just a copy cat, just taking what others had already done and marketing it. However, the real purpose of your system (as I now see it) is to make a standard on which everyone can base their practice to ensure consistent results by hypnotists anywhere. You mentioned that early in your career you couldn’t decide which tack to take on a client. This is where a lot of us are–trying to figure out which method to use to get the best results for an individual. By coming up with a system and setting down clear guidelines for it’s use, you have really taken the guesswork out of it. And judging from your success, I would say that it’s something that more of us should take seriously. I’ll be looking for your advanced course at the convention in Aug.
    Beth Stewart, CH
    Collingwood, Ontario

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