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Hypnosis Training Video #362: Use the New Year to Take Yourself and Your Hypnosis Business to the Next Level! (Transcription)

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Cal: Hello, everybody. Cal Banyan here, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. If you’re watching this video anywhere except on, go there right now because right below this video is additional text and links and graphics. Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you noticed it or not, but we’ve started transcribing these videos so that if you’d prefer or maybe you have hearing difficulties and you can just download the text and read it or if you have somebody that doesn’t have the ability to play the videos then you can just print it out and send it to them. So, hey, that’s really good.

Hey, I am back again with Brenda. Brenda is our co-host and our one-percenter and who used to be a talk therapist and has all these credentials, a Master’s Degree and you know what? One of her most important credentials is just her positive mental attitude and her desire to help others and she truly gets it that when she helps others grow, she grows.  How are you doing, Brenda?

Brenda: I’m doing great, Cal and you know what? That is so true. I just love being able, especially since I have been doing hypnosis and hypnotherapy to really help people make amazing shifts in their life to just live the best life that they can possibly live and I’m so thrilled to have the tool that I received by coming to the Banyan Hypnosis Center and training with Cal Banyan, learning 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy, learning 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.  I’m just so excited and I’m excited because we’re going to be talking about how to help people with their New Year’s resolutions and really getting their lives on track. So, I’m just very thrilled to be here and thank you so much Cal, for having me today.

Cal: Hey, you know what? Happy New Year!  What a blessing just to be here to do another year and I want to thank all of you folks out there that are either listening or reading this podcast or viewing it. Thank you so much for watching, viewing, listening, reading the podcast because that’s what it’s all about. That’s what makes it worthwhile. If we didn’t have people like you taking the time to do this, practice building work, then it just wouldn’t be worth it. We wouldn’t do it would we, Brenda?

Brenda: Exactly and that is so true. I just hear feedback from people all the time and this really helps people so that we’re all out there especially once we’re in the middle of session. It’s us and the client and where ever we can build our relationships with each other either through the podcast or through email or phone conversations with other hypnotists to be able to build our skills, we will be able to just help so many more people and so I’m very thankful to have this opportunity to be here and be able to talk to Cal and talk to all of you so that everybody can just be the best that they can be.

Cal: Hey, you know what? As you’re talking about this, I’m writing down some notes and I’m wondering what you’re going to pop on me today. What have we got?

Brenda: All right, well today.

Cal: We’re going to do more New Year’s resolution stuff like last week or what?

Brenda: What’s that?

Cal: Are we going to do more New Year’s resolution stuff like from last week or you got something else for me?

Brenda: We are. We’re still working with that New Year energy type of deal because one of the things I knew that I had a couple of things that I wanted to talk about when talking about that New Year. So, last week we talked about that business end kind of thing and this week I want to talk about some more things with working with clients and I did deliberately know that not everybody looks specifically at January, you know, January 1st or December 31st as this is like a great beginning. So, you can always really maximize any time of the year to really work with your client for that change, that shift and quite frankly, some people like I said, it’s not necessarily about the calendar turning new.

For some people and cultures and even religions, the New Year is with the lunar New Year. Maybe February, you’re going to have clients that are looking at that New Year.  For some people, they look at March. It’s that solar New Year type of thing and for some people like we talked about last week with Cal, he just, anytime is . . . If he realizes it’s time to make a change, time to have growth, time to try something different, anytime is a great time, but we did want to talk about some things here today partly because a lot of people are going to be talking about some kind of stereotypical weight loss, smoking cessation, quitting drinking types of New Year’s resolutions.

So, I’m definitely hopeful to start getting a lot of those people in my center so that I can really do some great help with people. So, what have you seen over the years Cal, in terms of like when people start coming in in January. We talked about that a couple weeks ago. You said, “Oh, look out. That phone’s going to start ringing off the hook. You better be ready.” So, what’s been your experience with that?

Cal: I think, like, I went into full-time practice in 1996, so I know a bit. I’m not one of those guys that have been around 20, 30 years, but I think in the beginning, back in those old days when I was just a youngster, we saw a lot of stop smoking. That was something that people put off until the New Year. They wanted to smoke through the holidays and we would get a lot of the stop smoking clients, but it seems like that’s becoming less and less. I think that’s because there was like this big wave of people who wanted to stop smoking and there’s still going to be some stop smoking people, but, I think that the big anti tobacco movement has moved through and there’s always going to be the stragglers.

Of course, the weight loss is always another one that hits in January because we have thanksgiving and we have the holidays from Kwanzaa to Christmas to, what’s the Jewish holiday?

Brenda: Hanukkah.

Cal: Hanukkah. Now all these reasons to get together and eat and so people say, “Well, I’m probably going to blow it in November, December so I’m going to come in January.” But really there’s things that people have been putting off and truly procrastination that leads to January first as being or that first week of January as being the great day that people want to make that change. They want to have that hopefulness of a year that’s better than the year before and it could really be anything. Personally, I don’t see a lot of stop smoking clients anymore. It could be anything from just wanting to be better in their relationship, it could be for school, they want to have the best academic year they ever had, better focus, better memory, better motivation to do homework and stuff like that. How about you, Brenda?

Brenda: Excellent. You know what? I love your take on that so much and especially it is so true; people kind of put things off. They kind of go into this low for December and then it’s kind of that freshness with the New Year and they realize, oh, my gosh, I ate all this stuff over the holidays or maybe even interactions with the family. Make them realize that they are ready to work on some issues having to do with their family history and things like that. So, I definitely get that. That sometimes people just they see that New Year and I love what you said about wanting that New Year to be better than the year before and I think that brings a lot of people to our centers and to our hypnosis offices during the New Year.

Cal: I know, so now is a time to integrate into your advertising or to say something on your website such as get your New Year started right with hypnosis or this year make your New Year’s resolution stick with hypnosis because people are looking for something to make a difference this year. So, send out the message that this year can be the most successful year you’ve ever had because we are the experts at making change happen and stick. How’s that sound?

Brenda: I love it and I’m excited because I’m going to be starting in January doing monthly 7th Path classes and I’m working a lot with that energy. That kind of you know, okay, let’s do it. Let’s get started and make that change in your life. So, I’m very pleased about that and one of the things I also want to talk about today is not just for our clients to be getting their New Year, new you on, but also for us as hypnotists and hypnotherapists and I think that it’s also a great time to really look at what are our personal goals. Are there things that we need to do, work that we need to do on ourselves or for ourselves to be the best that we can be? To be those models for our clients or just to even build our practices the way that we need to or want to.

Obviously, I’m trained in 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® and so I do a lot of work with that myself as well as some of my own personal practices that I do, but I also am realizing that there are some things that are beyond even some of the work that I have done in class or even just working with Cal or on my own and so I’ve been doing some trading of sessions with a 5-PATHer and so, soon I’m going to be the one who’s going to be in chair. So, what do you think about that Cal?

Cal: I think that I go to the convention and I’m talking to hypnotists and they are so frustrated with themselves sometimes because they still have this fear or this hang up or bad habit or whatever it is and I’m thinking, don’t you know how to use self hypnosis? Oh, well, they hem and haw and one of the first suggestions they need to give themselves is, I will use self hypnosis to change my life or sometimes they don’t have very good training in self hypnosis also. So, that’s it. It’s like the old saying, a physician heal thyself and you’ve got to be able to have a good system of self hypnosis that you can use on yourself like 7th Path.

If you’ve got one that works for you, beautiful, plug it in. Start using it. If not, you got to give 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® a chance. The other is, if you have the luxury of having a really good hypnotherapist near you, heck, get your rear end in their chair and let them help you do some work. It’s just amazing how reluctant people can be to these kinds of things when it’s their profession. Come on! It’s the New Year. Have your New Year’s resolution, I will use the power of hypnosis to positively change my life and then have your short list of one, two or three things that you’re going to work on and make that difference, my goodness. Okay.

Brenda: Can you tell how much we both think that this is an important thing to do and I really feel that way and I am excited because I get to do that with other hypnotists and that keeps me on my game. So, let’s be clear about that. I’ve got to be rock solid with what I’m providing for my fellow hypnotists and they’ve also actually, so far some of the input that I’ve even received is that there have been things that they’ve seen differently to be able to incorporate into their practices. So, something for you guys to think about as well.

One of the women that had given me permission to do some feedback anonymously, She said, you think because you’re trained in this, that you know what to expect, but she said there’s nothing like being in that chair and experiencing it even though she knew what we were going to do. You know, age regression. We’re going to do forgiveness. We’re going to do forgiveness of self. It was so interesting to watch her each week and then to really have that ah ha moment. Oh, my gosh, literally, it was not just does this works, this really works for me.

So, it was just such an exciting thing to really work with other people who know how powerful, especially working with 5-PATH® is, but then to realize what a blessing it was for me to realize not only am I helping this one person with hypnosis but, in the end she’s going to go on and help thousands of people herself and I love that. It makes me so happy. So, like I said, I am putting it out into the universe. Look out. Maybe by the time I’m on the podcast next, I will have completed my 5-PATH® process. We’ll see and then look out world, because there’s going to be no stopping me. So, there you go. What do you think Cal?

Cal: I’m thinking I have this statement. I’ll say it to people in class. I’ll say you’re a true believer. You’re a true believer and like when I do demonstrations in class, I’ll have somebody come up and I’ll take them through the different stages of hypnosis and I’ll give them a suggestion. I say, “You are now a true believer because you didn’t just sit in the audience and watch someone get hypnotized. You’ve experienced the hypnosis. You’ve experienced the eye lock, the arm catalepsy, the number block, whatever it is and so you’re going to have more confidence than ever before in hypnosis and your ability to help others with hypnosis.

That’s really, as you’re talking about doing the self hypnosis on yourself or going to a 5-PATHer and getting the work done, it’s one of the greatest things you can do for your practice because when you talk to potential clients and when you talk to your actual clients and when you’re doing the work, don’t you think it would all work better if in your heart of hearts you knew from your own personal experience that this stuff were if you are a true believer, I know so. So there, become a true believer; wrap it up, Brenda.

Brenda: So exciting. I already am a true believer, but I’m looking forward to being even more of a true believer so maybe I’ll share one day my experience in that; yeah, everything that I do I find ways to be able to share it with other people. So, I’m very pleased. I wish you all great success, great joy in the work that you do in the field of hypnosis. Thank you so much for joining us today. Do great things. Help people and if you have any questions you can reach us, make comments down below. You can find me on Facebook and also at Love to hear from people. Ask us questions. We’ll get them on in the future and thanks so much Cal, for having me on today.

Cal: Always a pleasure and to all you hypno-fans out there, let me say, check out 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® there is a free lesson just so you can see what it’s like, and you get an idea what that’s about. I hope to see you in class. We have class coming up at the end of this month, but as always, just check our calendar here on this website, . That’s it. Cal Banyan. Hope to see you in class, see you at the convention, and see you at Solid Gold Weekend. Bye for now, over and out.


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