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Podcast #589 Discover How to Use Hypnosis “Done Right” to Reduce Stress Causing Pain & Improves Sleep!

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Yes, Hypnotists Can Reduce Client Stress and Reduce Pain and Sleep Issues!

This Kind of Hypnotic Stress Reduction Is In High Demand Now

How Hypnosis “Done Right” Works with the Diathesis–Stress Model

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Special Announcements Before the Video…


Hello Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists as well as Soon-to-Be Hypnotists!

Hypnotist Cal Banyan in Podcast #587 Welcome back! Penny Chiasson is back with me to share a discovery about how hypnosis done right can reduce stress, stress related pain, and improve sleep!

Watch this video and you will discover how 7th Path Self-Hypnosis and advanced hypnosis techniques and systems like 5-PATH® hypnosis and hypnotherapy will empower you as a hypnosis professional to enable you to confidently and competently work with clients with stress related pain and sleep issues.

Become part of the “inner circle”.

Quick announcement, I’m still getting questions about how to get in on the “Inner Circle” video conferences I have with 5-PATH® IAHP Member. Well, this is the deal… All my students and Penny’s students become members of 5-PATH® IAHP upon graduation and all members in good standing can participate in these meetings and then you can get your questions answered ON THE SPOT! Check out my raining schedule!

In this video you will discover how to:

  • Introduction to the benefits of 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® for pain management and sleep.
  • Discover how hypnosis sessions “done right” works for stress pain and sleeplessness.
  • How Cal turns students into “true believers” in class, so they can have success!
  • Revealed: How Hypnosis can work with the medical Diathesis–stress model.
  • Military and veterans’ discounts for our hypnosis certification training.

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