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Hypnosis Training Video #576: “Absolute Courage, Confidence and Competence as A Hypnosis Professional EVEN if You Are Just Starting Out!”

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Recognize That It Is Normal to Be Nervous at First “WE ALL WERE!”

How to Quickly Build Your Confidence and Courage as A Hypnotist

Discover How to Systematically Grow in Confidence by Leaps & Bounds!

Cal Banyan in Podcast #575 - American Veterans Administration Asked Cal to Train for Them

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Special Announcements Before the Video…

Hello Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists as well as Soon-to-Be Hypnotists!

Hypnotist Erika Flint in Podcast #575 Welcome back! In this video, Erika and I let you in on a BIG SECRET…

It’s NORMAL to be nervous when you are starting out, HOWEVER there are some HUGELY IMPORTANT things you can do to overcome that nervousness so you can get started in a confident and competent way.

We are going to demolish some beliefs that prevent so many to get confident, build skills and get a thriving hypnosis practice going.

Okay, now it’s time to see what all successful professionals have in common and how it directly affects new and newish hypnotists!

Watch this video you will discover:

  • Why initial nervousness is good, unless you are too nervous!
  • What your instructor should have done to reduce it as much as possible.
  • What your instructor should have taught you so that you are skill building.
  • Insider ways to build hypnosis and hypnotherapy skills online!
  • More!

Links to things mentioned in this video:

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Special Announcements!
Hypnotist Cal Banyan for Special Announcement in Podcast #572

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Graduation Photos from Last Two Classes of This Certification Course to Conduct Hypnosis Sessions Online
Graduation Photo from Last Two Class

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