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Hypnosis Training Video #514: 4-Part Series – Part 4; The Fun and Interesting Hypnotist’s Pendulum (Chevreul’s Pendulum)

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Cal in Part 4 of 4-Part Series – The Fun and Interesting Hypnotist’s Pendulum

Forever the Hypnotist Will Be Connected to the “Hypnotist’s Pendulum” and There Is Nothing We Can Do About It, So Let’s Have Some Fun

Also Known as the Chevreul’s Pendulum, Used Properly, It Can Be Useful with Some Clients

Cal Shows You How to Use the Pendulum to Uncover Your Own Subconscious Material.

Hello Hypnotists!

Newest hypnosis training video just posted! This one is about the fun and interesting hypnotist’s pendulum!

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Did your teacher forget? Or just not know?! In this new 4-part series for you, “What Your Hypnosis Instructor Forgot to Teach You!” I cover some things that your hypnosis instructor probably did not cover or cover well enough.

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If you missed the first 3, here are the links to those video – but you don’t have to watch them in order…

Part 1 What is hypnosis exactly?

Part 2 What is the correct tone of voice for hypnosis?

Part 3 The secret to using convincers to increase success!

Cal Banyan with Hypnotist's PendulumPart 4 – This one is fun and interesting… I reveal how I would use the pendulum:

  1. In session
  2. In front of groups
  3. To access hidden information in my own mind!
  4. And, how you can too!

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Tracy Wade, Owens Crossroads, Alabama

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Ken Dickinson, Denton, Texas

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Daniel Schwarz, Stuttgart, Germany

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 4 It was a very busy, very informative, very advanced course. The system is amazing. The instructor is a REAL teacher! Thanks a lot!!
Alexey Ananishnov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 5I cannot think of a better instructor for my hypnosis training. I feel blessed and proud to be part of it as my life keeps transforming and unfolding. Thank you, Cal!
Karen Noack, Cordoba, Argentina

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 6 Amazing instructor, great learning and lots of practice sessions. This is an experience not to be missed.
Shanti Chainani, CH, Singapore

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 7 I personally would rate Cal as the No. 1 training venue for Hypnosis, best training event I have had ever, and fun, enlightening and life changing, and exceptional value for money.
Jason Carter, Ph. D., LLM, Milton Keynes, U.K.

Pen Writing Logo for Testimonials 8 The Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super Course is a phenomenal course. It was extremely well presented by Cal Banyan. It is one of the most significant courses I have undertaken to date. I highly recommend it.
Warwick D. Phipps, Ph.D., Midrand, South Africa

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One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Video #514: 4-Part Series – Part 4; The Fun and Interesting Hypnotist’s Pendulum (Chevreul’s Pendulum)

  1. Donna Bloom November 8, 2017 at 6:53 AM

    This was just fantastic Cal! The pendulum is fun. I appreciate your tips on how to use the pendulum effectively. I am working with a child who just loves to pendulum more than anything else, so in each session, I let him “play” with it while delivering direct suggestion. It works like a charm with him, as he feels he is in charge. This podcast was received for me at just the right time, as tomorrow I am working with a new client who lost some sentimental jewelry. Never would have thought to make use of the pendulum. Thank you!

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