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Hypnosis Training Video #282: Avoiding Small Mistakes in Wording Leads to Successful Age Regression Work & More

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Avoiding Small Mistakes in Wording Leads to Successful Age Regression Work & More

Happy Hypno-Friday! Once again, Meredith is my co-host on this entertaining and informative episode of Hypnosis Etc. on In this latest episode, we review the insider secrets on how to do successful age regression work. We dive into this 5-PATHer’s question, “What to do if the client does not immediately regress to childhood when doing age regression work?”

Watch this hypnosis training video and Cal will show you some tips, tricks, and techniques on how to do a successful age regression session, determine whether your client is in somnambulism, and find all the important places to visit during an age regression session as you work your way back to the all-important Initial Sensitizing Event.

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Today’s Discussion Points:

  • Tips on how to prepare your client for a successful age regression session.
  • Why you should not suggest that they “go to the first time” they felt this way.
  • How the Elman-Banyan Hypnotic Induction’s covert tests take the guess work out of determining whether your client is in somnambulism.
  • The five questions you must ask your client at every event visited in time.
  • How to bring up the emotion associated with the problem for Affect Bridge Age Regression.

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