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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #126: Hypnotherapy for Stroke Victims and Fears, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Induction, and LOA

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Hypnotherapy for Stroke Victims and Fears, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Induction, and LOA

I’m back after taking a couple of episodes off! This is Cal Banyan and I hope you enjoyed the previous two episodes with the very special guest Maureen Banyan, who is our General Manager. Now, Meredith Locher and I are back with this very fun and informative free hypnosis training video podcast episode of Hypnosis, Etc. on where you get the latest hypnosis news, audio and video hypnosis.

Once again, we are pleased to let you know that this hypnosis training program was recorded as we sent out a live audio and video stream to the members of If you are not already a member of our professional and social networking site for hypnosis professionals, make sure you join up right away. Then we will be able to let you know when we will be recording the next 4 programs, which will be in about a week or two.

Questions from Live Audience and Other Sources

  • How can hypnosis and 5-PATH® be useful in helping people be more abundant, like when using the Law of Attraction?

  • When working with a client who has fears, would you go right into age regression (Phase II) on the first session, or would you do direct suggestion work (Phase I) on the first session?

  • Where in the order of a direct suggestion session (Phase I) would you give the suggestion for post-hypnotic induction for subsequent sessions? How would you word that suggestion?

  • Would it be appropriate to use age regression and age progression to help someone recover from a stroke?

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