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Hypnosis Podcast #81: 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget – Part 5

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10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget – Part 5

This week Celeste flies solo while Cal teaches training classes. Celeste finishes up the ten keys and even offers a few extra ones to help you get your new hypnosis practice off the ground and headed in the right direction. Whether you are starting a new practice or you already have one this episode focuses on the many important aspects of starting and effectively running a hypnotherapy practice without spending a lot of money!

Thanks again for your great feedback and comments about the 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget series. We really appreciate it and we also love hearing from other seasoned hypnosis professionals about what you think are important tips that helped you become successful.

10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice on a Budget:

  1. (Covered) Why you should set a budget and how you can determine how much you can spend, and other factors.

  2. (Covered) Make a list of the things that you need to spend money on, and then shop around for prices (you can save a lot)!

  3. (Covered) Do not scrimp on hypnosis training! Get great training and your confidence will grow immensely! Celeste tells us how to find out who has the kind of training you need to be successful with your clients. We recommend generalized training that has a system you can use for a large number of issues.

  4. (Covered) Save money by getting really good hypnosis office training. This includes how to market your practice, book telephone calls, set up your office for maximum referrals and more. Celeste recommends the Banyan Business Start-Up Pack as a resource.

  5. (Covered) Take credit cards using Dial Pay. Dial Pay is the cheapest way to take credit cards and Celeste explains how it works and why you should start taking credit cards right away.

  6. (Covered) Consider working at home. Then your office rent and utilities are free if you already have the space. Celeste tells you how to do this in the most professional and safe way possible.

  7. (Covered) Spend money on a website that looks good & invest in SEO. Having a professional looking website can be one of your best marketing investments. We discuss some important search engine optimization (SEO) tips to get the most out of your website.

  8. Use the internet for Advertising. It’s cheap and can even be free to market and advertise using the internet! Celeste covers awesome ways to get the word out using your computer online, and she lays out simply what she feels are the best places to get both cheap and free ads such as a free listing on She also tells you how that video camera sitting in your closet can get great SEO for your website.

  9. Get out and meet people. Celeste gives tips on how to get the word out the good old-fashioned way, by getting out and passing out cards, flyers and more. She also tells you how to get doctor interested in your services and why they may a gold mine you may not have discovered yet. She also talks about why doctors want your services and what issues will most likely get your referrals.

  10. Get referrals from your existing clients. Celeste tells you how to ask for them in such a way that they respond and how to keep your business top of mind with past clients so they may think of you with referrals as well.

  11. Keep track of your money with a very simple system. How to remember who paid you and how much? Also, how you keep track of putting money aside to pay taxes. Celeste offers her simple easy system for free!

  12. Set Goals for your business. How to set goals and why setting goals will pay off

  13. If you live in a small town consider moving. Celeste tells you why moving to where people have income to spare canl make you money too. She also tells you the top 5 cities and towns that may be hot for building wealth. Hint: Cal is very familiar with one of them and Celeste was blown away when she found out the top one. You may be too!

  14. Learn how to manage your personal finances and if possible become debt-free. Why being strong financially in your personal life will affect your business and how to get back on track if you are not.

That is it for this week. Please tell all your hypno-friends about our program! We really do appreciate it.

Links to resources mentioned on this hypnosis training program:

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  • Learn about my weight release program by emailing me at Get slim & healthy; make more money and make your clients happier. Celeste told me that she has lost 10 pounds. Email me and I’ll set up a time to explain it to you over the telephone and then I’ll send you a link to a video that explains everything.

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  • Check back next week, when the Banyan Hypnosis Center website technical guy, The amazing Taylor, gives the top 10 keys to GREAT search engine optimization. Learn how to get people to visit your site so your phone can ring! Leave your comments on to let us know what you think so far.

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