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Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Podcast Program #3: Down with Non-Accredited Hypnosis Degrees and How to Do the Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction

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Down with Non-Accredited Hypnosis Degrees and How to Do the Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction

Hello again, everyone! Our new series of hypnosis related Podcasts just keep on coming to you. I hope you will like this one. It was fun to do and I think I will both stir things up a bit while providing those in the field of hypnosis with some very useful information.

In this Podcast I take on two topics, first I rant on my controversial stand against non-accredited hypnosis degree programs and then I progress to the second part providing all of the listeners an educational discussion on how to conduct the updated version of the Elman Induction, the Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction. I think that you will find that this new version is much more reliable than old eye fixation or progressive relaxation inductions (taught in some schools), and that it works even better than the original Elman induction. And, while I’m at it I provide some insight clearing up the confusion between whether or not the Elman type inductions have an eye lock test in them or not. If you want to learn more about this induction check out our hypnosis training website and visit the Free Articles section.

I hope you will give this new Podcast in the series a listen and tell your friends and colleagues about it as well! By the way, these programs and all of the hypnosis information provided on my websites is for information purposes only, and should not be used by anyone under the age of 18 years of age or who has not gained sufficient hypnosis training to enable to use it in a safe and ethical manner. I suppose that should go without saying.

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