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Cal Banyan on About the Soul

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH

My Personal Philosophy–What I Believe About the Soul

I believe that the soul lives forever, & returns home.

I believe that there are three purposes that we all share for coming to this Earth: Creativity, Love, Responsibility.


Being the offspring of the creator, we inherited creativity. It is an undeniable part of all human beings. It is expressed through the fine arts and through the everyday process of attempting to solve the challenges that arise.

We are creators, expressing our creative urge through our experiences, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We have also been given the most awesome ability, to co-create with God, when we procreate.


Being created by a loving God, we are very highly valued by him. That valuing is love. Being loved by God makes us always loveable. This love permanently connects us to God, and to one another.

Only the illusion of separation exists, making us at times feel alone, or unloved, or unlovable. To love each other is easily accomplished, as we become aware of this eternal connection to each other.


Being both created and creators, as well as being both loveable and loving, we are naturally held responsible for who and what we love and create. And, there are natural consequences associated with how we handle these responsibilities.

Sometimes the consequence is pain, as we fail to use love and creativity together. However, proper use may not bring pleasure, but rather the privilege of even greater challenges in this life.

This is the gift of learning and teaching. The two sides of each of these three reasons for existence.

Learning and Teaching: Creativity, Love, Responsibility

For most, the idea that we come to Earth to learn, seems almost too obvious. But, free will allows us to put off learning for as long as we wish. I know, and you know, of people who, no matter what, never seem to learn. So it seems that learning is optional. However, learning nor teaching are optional. However, learning can be delayed, but teaching goes on always.


Life is the most reliable teacher. She is ever patient, and forever cunning in her promise to teach. So the attentive and wise learner listens quickly when the lessons of life comes. Life’s first attempt to teach you comes in subtle whispers, but if we are too busy or too uninterested to hear the whisper, that is fine, she will return.

And so she does, but this time she speaks to us more directly, telling us more forcefully. But again, we have the ability to stall by turning away, or involving ourselves in other things. She will return.

And so she does, but this time she shouts the lesson at us, like a tutor trying to teach a stubborn student. But the student must be engaged in the process, and have some desire to learn. She will return.

And so she does, but this time she comes with a boot! And she places the boot where it is likely to do the most good. Now the student is physically bruised. Now the student may become more attentive. If not, she will return.

And so she does, but this time it is with a great hammer, and the student is given an ultimate choice, you have had your chances! Learn or be crushed by the lesson. Now, if the student learns, good, but if not and the student is crushed by the lesson, then the student must return to Life, the Great Teacher again.

May the student learn in the next existence by the whisper. Wisdom is learning to listen to the whisper!


Teaching is not under our control. It happens with only partial regard for free will. We can chose when to teach and where to teach, only for a small fraction of the many lesson that others learn from our actions. Most of what we teach is completely out of our control. We teach by our actions though all of our success and failures.

We are most closely observed by those we love, and so they learn the most from us. So be mindful of what you are teaching. Children for the most part; do not do as we say, nearly as much as the do and learn from what we do.

So our actions radiate like ripples of water in a pond, outward, affecting all of those that know and see us.

Be mindful of what you are doing, because in doing, you are teaching.

You have control over what you learn right now. Learning is optional, but teaching is not.

Knowing this, let us create a life that teaches love. Because this is truly a great responsibility.

Living is teaching. Doing is teaching. Trying is teaching. Success is teaching.

Not living is teaching. Not doing is teaching. Not trying is teaching. Not succeeding is teaching.

Being is teaching: Creativity, Love and Responsibility.

I often fall short of living these beliefs. But it is still good to have a target for which to aim. And when I miss, there is the blessed pain that will help and guide me more truly toward my target. Pain is the Great Teacher.

Bless the Pain,

Cal Banyan, Student and Teacher

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