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Cal Banyan in About the Body

Cal Banyan, MA, BCH
My Personal Philosophy–What I Believe About the Body

I believe that the it is only a mechanism, an Earth suit, that allows the soul to experience physical reality.

The Nature of the Body

The body is a vehicle, a biological mechanism that is both expresser and receptor of physical experience. It allows the soul to experience physical and emotional sensations, as well as express itself through creative acts in the physical world.

The Function of the Brain

The brain is not the mind. The brain has two primary functions. The operations and maintenance of the body. More on the mind/brain connection in “The Mind” are of this site.

The lower brain operates the life support systems of the body (the autonomic nervous system), and the mid brain, operates the sympathetic nervous system (intentional movement of the body).

The higher brain functions involve thinking, memory, emotions, etc.. The biological brain is not capable of doing all of this, as it appears to be doing. Rather, it functions as a transducer between the physical experience and the soul. It is like a highly complex radio system with all channels working simultaneously. It translates what is happening in the physical for the spiritual aspect of the individual so that the soul can experience the physical aspects of that experience. It as a transceiver, meaning that, not only can it receive but it can also transmit. So, in addition to translating the physical experience for the soul, it is also able to accept information from the soul (or sometimes called the “Higher Self”) back to the physical nervous system, and through that system on to the body.

Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

The body is responsible for maintaining the brain, one of its most delicate organs. In addition to providing it with nutrients and oxygen, the body works with the brain/mind connection through a magnetic field called the aura.

The aura is an electro-magnetic energy that surrounds the body. It gets its energy partially from the body and partially from the soul.

The physical body is an important part of our ability to learn. Because through it we can experience both pain and pleasure, disease and health. The condition (i.e., health) of the body can be used in many ways (meter, compass, and more).

The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection and Mental/Physical Health

The health and state of our bodies, reflect our mental and spiritual state. For example, if you are experiencing anxiety, it is reflected throughout your body in the form of tension, which stresses the organs and musculature. This stress wears and tears at the physical body. This often leads to many psychogenic illnesses. Common forms of psychogenic illness are digestive illnesses, nervous system illness, and skin illness.

Ultimately, the health of the body is accomplished by controlling mental and emotional tension.

Emotions are tied to perception. Before any emotion can occur, one must perceive a circumstance. It is when we perceive a circumstance as being beneficial or threatening that we can react with emotion.

Emotions seem to have at least two parts that follow the perception of threat or pleasure. First is a assigning of meaning. For example, “I think this is going to be nice,” or “I think this is going to hurt”.

After the meaning has been assigned, if we perceive the situation as being a threat, react with both the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems.

How we feel about a given situation, depends on how we perceive the situation, and the kind of thoughts we have about it.

Our feelings, even the unpleasant ones are good. They help us to take good care of ourselves. Understanding and and communicating with our feelings, give us the direction that we need in life. If our body feels hunger pains, this discomfort is good. It ensures that we will feed the body. Other kinds of uncomfortable feelings are there to guide us, so that we will care for our other parts (i.e., social, family, and spiritual needs).

If you have not already, read “The Soul” and “The Mind” pages on this site.

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