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Cal Banyan’s Schedule for the 2015 65th Anniversary National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention

BUT FIRST… NEWS FLASH – Free Age Regression Teleseminar with Cal Banyan! Thursday, June 25th at 6PM PT / 9PM ET. Teleseminar & Bribe Info..

Join Us at the Convention!

a-tradition-of-excellenceCome join me at the National Guild of Hypnotists 65th Anniversary Convention, August 7 – 9, plus 2 days of post-convention education and training in age regression.

It is going to be a great time with your hypno-friends, and soon-to-be friends. It is the largest and friendliest convention on Earth! It is THE best way to improve your knowledge and build your business.

While you are there come visit with my co-hosts Celeste Hackett, Brenda Titus and Erika Flint, as well as many more 5-PATHers and hypnotists from every background.

During the Convention I’ll Be Giving These Talks & Workshops

Cal SmilingThe Universal Patter Script!?! — Is it Possible That One Script Could Do It All? About 1 hour. Come join me for this free information packed, fast paced talk on how one script can possibly be used for most issues that your clients bring into your office, especially if that issue involves motivation, habit change, addiction, weight loss, smoking, etc. Then meet with me after as I answer questions and visit. Contact the NGH to register, my talks fill up. 603.429.9438

Essentials of Mastering Age Regression — Hypnotic Age Regression Work Builds Your Practice And The Profession! About 2 hours. This paid workshop contains an amazing amount of information that you can use immediately! If you have not made up your mind to step up and begin to learn this very powerful insight generating, habit changing, esteem building, fear overcoming (I could go on) process, then you have to take this class and get the inside scoop on what age regression is really all about and how it works. Contact the NGH to register, my talks fill up. 603.429.9438

Post Convention

Hypnotic Age Regression Certification Course: How to Really Conduct Powerful, Life Changing Age Regression Sessions to be taught on the Monday and Tuesday after the convention. More info here. Contact the NGH to register, my talks fill up. 603.429.9438

Full Class from NGH Convention 2014 – Click to Read Feedback From Class

If that is not enough great reasons to attend the convention, then let me add that there will be over 200 other workshops!

By the way if you are a 5-PATHer remember to let us know if you will be attending our annual 5-PATHers dinner and award ceremony on the Thursday night before the convention. If you are not yet a certified 5-PATHer, get trained before the convention and we will see you there.

Let’s do GREAT things together,