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Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #158: Giving Your Clients Homework Amps Up Hypnotherapy Success

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Hypnosis Trainer Cal Banyan

Giving Your Clients Homework Amps Up Hypnotherapy Success

Here we go again with another hardcore look at hypnosis and hypnotherapy in this week’s free hypnosis training video on

In this episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc., Elronn and I give you some more tips on becoming a Hypno-1%er. You know, one of my Banyanism’s is, "People only value what they put time money and effort into". So giving your clients homework between hypnosis sessions can really add to their success.

Watch the video and you will see what I mean.

Here are some examples of homework for your hypnotherapy clients:

  • Teach them self-hypnosis. If our clients are open to learning; we teach them 7th Path Self-Hypnosis┬«.

  • Suggest a television program to reinforce hypnotic suggestions. For example, if they are working on weight loss, then have them watch shows about successful weight loss. (Shows like "The Biggest Loser" or "I Can Make You Thin").

  • To reinforce the hypnotherapy, you can suggest a magazine to your client, (Topics such as weddings, health, nutrition, fitness, etc.).

  • Suggest that your client join support groups (online or in person). Websites like are great for finding people with similar interests and goals.

  • You can also supercharge your hypnosis sessions by suggesting motivational movies (Like "Rocky" or "Don’t Tell Her It’s Me").

  • Increase the effectiveness of your hypnosis sessions by suggesting online videos and media. has great videos on a variety of subjects.

  • And More.

We also squeeze in one of your hypnosis questions:

  • When you are "Losing the numbers" in the Elman-Banyan induction. Are you establishing an anchor? If so, do you return to that anchor at a specific time? Watch this hypnosis training program and learn my answer!

Hypnosis Training and Certification

The "Week of Power" Advanced Hypnotherapy Training course will make you a 1%er. The next Advanced Hypnosis Certification course starts May 16th. Click here to sign up.

Here are some links related to the show:

The Secret Language of FeelingsHelp your clients take back control of their life with this revolutionary new approach to self-understanding, self-healing and self-improvement. Visit

That is it for this week. Thank you for viewing this hypnosis training video. Remember to leave your comments below. We love your feedback, questions and comments.

  • Remember to email me at to learn all about my secret project. I lost 27 pounds, completed a 109 mile bicycle ride and added thousands of dollars to my practice, let me tell you how.

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2 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Video Podcast #158: Giving Your Clients Homework Amps Up Hypnotherapy Success

  1. Steve R. February 26, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    I love how you seem to be getting more and more hardcore in regard to 1%’r attitude (whether or not it’s within someone who is a 5PATHer or not)!

    I like recommending homework too but I am a bit cautious about it in the sense of being careful not to imply that failure to do homework will negatively impact results. or that it’d be used as excuse for blaming the client. I know sometimes people will offer guarantees that are dependent on a client following homework that the hypnotist assigned — that seems weak to me. ah well

    Anyway for ppl who say they don’t like to read, i sometimes mention audiobooks or podcasts as alternative… so many people have iPod or CD players in cars but never considered listening to anything besides mindless radio.

    I also like to recommend videos online for some clients, like videos about how the brain works, especially the ability to change brain functioning (elasticity), because I think it makes it easier for clients to separate their “self” from a problem, as the “problem” can then be viewed as a matter of certain brain processes which can be optimized or otherwise modified.

    PS. Rocky is a fantastic metaphor with a surprise twist esp. for people who are fearful of failure, because of a little-noticed aspect of the ending: Rocky did not win the fight! But almost no one remembers that, because it really did not matter.

    PPS. Another movie metaphor i like to use is Gandhi… because most people now think very highly of him of course… but if you think about that movie (and his life), he spent much of it being hated and criticized and attacked by millions of people, for doing what he thought was right. In fact he was so despised that someone shot him in the end. So that goes to show a client who is fearful of criticism that no matter what, people will criticize you, even if you’re the Mahatma!

    PPPS. Now that i think about it, another upside to the Gandhi movie metaphor is if a hypnotist helps a client experience forgiveness, then watching that movie could reinforce that whole experience, since that movie could be seen to be all about true forgiveness (not condoning or tolerating oppression or hurtful behavior, but not letting it turn you into a self-defeating victim full of anger and vengeance).

    Hey thanks Cal and Elronn for another stimulating podcast!

  2. Cal February 27, 2010 at 11:06 PM

    Hi Steve – Thanks for the comment. It is very thoughtful as usual. By the way, I’ve always been hardcore, I’m just letting everyone in on it a bit more and more.

    Thanks for the homework suggestions.

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