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Hypnosis Podcast #77: 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice On a Budget – Part 1

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10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice On a Budget – Part 1

I know this is going to be a really popular hypnosis training video series. This time Celeste takes the lead and shares with you, how she started her hypnosis practice on a budget!

These "Keys" are going to be exactly what you need to know to get things started, so that you can start seeing hypnosis clients as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

First before we get started, I make some hypnosis and hypnotherapy announcements; then, Celeste talks about reaching a goal of doubling her income generated from her hypnosis practice. This is some really great stuff! Congratulations Celeste, you are such an inspiration to so many hypnotists and hypnotherapists out there around the world!

Let’s get started with the first few on the list… 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice On a Budget:

  1. Why you should set a budget and how you can determine how much you can spend, and other factors.

Links and resources mentioned on this program:

  1. Go to to learn about how to add income by joining our Banyan Hypnosis Center Affiliate Program.

  2. Learn about my weight release program by emailing me at Get slim, make more money and making your clients happier. Learn about adding consumables to your practice.

  3. Get my hypnosis training schedule by going to Find out about our NGH Approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super-Course (next one is in July, 2008), and the Week of Power Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Course schedules (next one is in November, 2008).

  4. Contact the NGH right now to make sure you can get a seat in my courses. Here is a link to the information, The courses I am teaching are "How to Go Full Time In Hypnosis" and "Advanced Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Go Beyond the Script for Maximum Results."

  5. Advanced Techniques Teleconference recording can be heard now at in the Recordings area.

  6. Go to www.Hypnosis.ORG to hear the teleseminar interview with Dr. Dwight Damon, Pres. of the NGH, and a really cool teleseminar with Dr. Rev. Scot Giles, who teaches us about approaching Christians about using hypnosis. Learn all the "Do’s" and "Don’t’s".

  7. Get your free or premium listing in our Hypnosis Directory on www.Hypnosis.ORG. Check out Celeste’s listing at Dallas Hypnosis! Here is mine, Hypnosis in Orange County, CA.

Check back next week because Celeste is going to go through at least two or three new keys to starting your hypnosis practice on a budget!

Tell your friends about this video training program, and leave a comment for Celeste to let her know how well she is doing and how much you appreciate the information that she is sharing.

4 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Podcast #77: 10 Keys to Starting Your Successful Hypnosis Practice On a Budget – Part 1

  1. Julia Nizinski June 15, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    I didn’t understand what Celeste meant when she said she set a goal for “16 @ 650.” Will you please explain that?

  2. celeste Hackett June 18, 2012 at 10:07 AM

    Hello Julia,

    Thanks for watching the podcast.  What I meant was my goal was to have 16 new clients at $650 per hypnosis package (we do 5 session packages).  I hope you’ll try this  it works great!  

    Another fun thing to do is to highlight on your calendar where you will be putting your new clients, or putting “NEW CLIENT” on 16 folders.  These actions help to cement the intention of having more clients.  

    After you start getting booked up you can give yourself a raise too.  I gave myself a big ole fat raise last Fall.  It’s been wonderful.  We put in a new front lawn with the money last month! 

    Go Girl!  I know you can do it!

    Celeste Hackett             

  3. Ken July 28, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    That would be a lot wouldn’t it? I think maybe 16 clients earning her a total of $650.

  4. celeste hackett December 4, 2015 at 6:55 PM

    Wow, it’s been ten years now since I opened my business, Family First Hypnosis and just about each year I’ve been growing. At our upcoming Solid Gold Convention in Las Vegas, I’ll be doing a talk to the hypnotists that come.

    Guess what the title of my talk is? “Gross Well Over 100K Annually From a Home Office – I Do It And So Can You” I LOVE hypnosis! It gets better each year!

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