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Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #60: Predictions for the Hypnosis Profession in 2008

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Predictions for the Hypnosis Profession in 2008

Hello Everyone…  This episode I’m back and going out on a limb!  But first I want to thank Celeste Hackett and Kelsey Banyan for doing the last couple of Hypnosis, Etc. episodes, while I was away in Singapore teaching an advanced hypnotic age regression course and my Banyan Hypnosis Certification Super-Course.

What do I mean by “going out on a limb”?  Well, thought about it long and hard, as they say, because I was thinking about doing a Predictions for 2008 Hypnosis Etc. episode.  Then I decided not to, and then at the last minute, literally a minute or so before the show was recorded I sprung the news on Celeste.  Being the great sport that she is, she said “go for it Cal!”  So that is what this episode is all about.

Next year we can look back at this episode and see how close things turned out. 

So now let’s get started with my hypno-predictions for 2008.

  • Hypnosis will continue to grow and gain more acceptances by everyone including the other professions.

  • The Internet will become even more of a factor in the promotion of hypnotism and for individual hypnosis professionals.

  • Expect to see more podcasts and better use of Web 2.0 to promote hypnosis and individual hypnosis offices.

  • Internet technology becoming easier and more and more hypnosis sessions are done online using webcams and such devices.

  • More live classes taking over the Internet like we do at the Banyan Hypnosis Center.

  • More cooperative marketing techniques will occur because of the Internet, enabling hypnotists and trainers to work together to be more profitable.

What I’d like to see happen in the profession of hypnotism in the coming year.

  • More hypnotists and hypnosis organizations becoming more focused on ethics.  This is a very important part of building our profession.

  • More hypnosis professionals going into full time practice.  This is one of the main things needed to help to grow and mature our profession.

  • More professionals realizing that ongoing training is a must.  This is an accepted truth in the other professions such as medicine and psychology.

  • Would like to see a real college or university offer a program in hypnosis or hypnotherapy.  It could be a major or a minor.  This will help other professions accept hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a valid profession, and at the same time offer a new level of education that is not available now.  The challenge will be to bring up-to-date information to the colleges, when tend to be decades behind in the progress of the profession.

That is it for this year!  Keep watching and listening to Hypnosis, Etc; because I will make an exciting announcement about my “secret project” in about two or three weeks.  It is going to enable hypnotists around the world to make more money in their practice of hypnotism!

Check back because next week I am going to begin my new Ten Keys series.  In this series we will discuss ten vital points that you must do well to be successful in a number of different topic areas of interest to the professional hypnotist who are seeing clients.

Make sure you visit our websites so you can learn about our weekly specials and upcoming training programs conducted by our Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructors (CPHIs) and myself.


One last thing, keep your input coming in on my new definition of the word hypnosis!  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think, as well as what you would like to say about our Hypnosis, Etc. program.

One Reader Comment to Hypnosis, Etc. Podcast #60: Predictions for the Hypnosis Profession in 2008

  1. Lee Loots January 21, 2008 at 12:25 AM

    Another terrific broadcast. My thanks to you both. Cal’s predictions gave me a fuller grasp of the field in general. I’m guessing they also planted seeds in the minds of practitioners, regarding next steps of professional development.

    At the point in the broadcast where Celeste mentioned graduates who never set up their practices, my ears perked up. Actually, I’d just called the center about this very issue! My conundrum was that I wanted to take Cal’s class. but I certainly didn’t want to repeat my habit of taking a training that I didn’t ever use (except for myself). I wondered if it would be advisable to try to overcome this through hypnosis, prior to training, so that it was not lurking in my brain during class.

    I was lucky enough to get to talk to Maureen, who heard me, but didn’t see this tendency as an impediment. For one thing, she felt that Seven Path (when faithfully applied) could help me work through whatever was keeping me back. She also assured me that the training includes strong post-graduate support–thus offering an on-going touchstone to new practitioners. (Maureen, I hope I have represented your comments accurately!) Consequently, I felt encouraged enough to enroll before the conversation concluded, and will be arriving for the Feb. training. (Hoorah!)

    I’ll confess that my attitude took a temporary dive when this “failure to follow through” issue was broached in the podcast.. Initially, my brain pounded out defeatist remarks like: “Oh no! This is apparently a recurring problem—and I’ll probably be one of those statistics!” But another part of my brain urged, “Don’t go there!” (Whew! That part had noted Celeste’s emphatic remarks about the importance of applying brain knowledge for better functioning). Thus, I chose to write and become part of the conversation.

    First of all, I want you both to know that I respect your honesty in discussing this openly. (Of course, we consumers are generally used the Madison Avenue treatment–where our attention is steered tidily past such issues, so that the blinding spotlight focused on the “shiny parts” can occupy our attention.) That’s why your approach is novel. It is real. Your genuine respect for the profession is shown in how you handle issues like this. Prospective students; for initial training. as well as professional development, will find that they cannot help but notice this. I have also noticed the broad intellectual grasp held of the profession–yet another distinctive quality. {FYI, before I called Maureen, I’d spent around half a year on the web looking into hypnosis training in both the US and Canada. Then, I did local “research” by seeing practitioners who simply did not know what they were doing. Through these experiences, I developed somewhat of a sense of the profession.}

    Thank you a million times over for advocating that the banner of ethics be held high. Applying this standard intelligently is imperative for the profession to be taken seriously. Most unfortunately, practitioners who don’t get “ethics,” don’t get life (because ethics is all about taking responsibilty for how we affect one another with our behaviors). With their giant blind spots, they cannot help but give the profession a black eye. Someone who doesn’t get ethics is also going to have a hard time being a professional, too. As I see it, a professional commits to the standards of her/his profession as a discipline. When in professional mode, the private self and its self-centered needs simply must be displaced by the professional role. The “discipline” includes continually monitoring (and elevating) one’s behavior, to better conform to professional standards. From a client’s point of view, I know what a “burn” it is to pay professional rates, but then to get services which hardly meet that standard. The podcasts often helpfully identify lack of professionalism. (And that is how I found out that my former hypnotist’s reassurance of it being perfectly fine that I slept through all sessions—was bogus!). I hope the professional trend grows so fast, that within my lifetime, I never hear another hypnotist brag about being able to manipulate others for self-serving ends (as though treating people as objects is somehow clever). But clearly, y’all are different–with refreshing honesty, and the integrity to stay open to new information.. So KEEP IT UP!

    Also, thank you for inviting others to your dialog about how to make the entire practice of hypnosis better. Regarding the issue of creating a practice, I hope practioners will offer up what got them through their initial hurdles. Likewise,I hope that graduates who feel stalled, will volunteer specifics about what’s holding them back. Within a supportive community, the whole can become greater than the sum of its parts, and that is where the “magic” lies.

    Celeste, just know that (one woman to another), you have been a great inspiration. I’ve read all of your articles on this site, and have felt gratitude for your authenticity and courage (honestly). Cal, you are the best. Celeste says that for those who really want to make a difference, this field becomes a calling. Well, I definitely think you have been called to uplift the quality of the entire profession. Not surprisingly, you are the perfect person for that job!
    Lee Loots

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