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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #6: How to Write Hypnosis Scripts “On the Fly”

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Free Hypnosis Podcast

How to Write Hypnosis Scripts “On the Fly”

This “Podcasting” thing is really catching on! Through the wonders of technology we are getting all of these important tips, tricks and techniques out for all to start using right now. And, this kind of hypnosis training is fun to produce. I think I’m hooked and I hope you are as well.

Hypnosis Podcast Program #6 is all about how to write AND customize scripts “on the fly” so to speak. This program will tell you how you can make any script that you currently use much better, as well as what you can do to produce a script for your client, which is completely customized right there while they are lying their in the recliner. Gone are the days of refusing clients just because you don’t have a hypnosis script to use. After studying this hypnosis Podcast you will be able to create customized scripts as you need them using this system, and they are free!

By the way, here is a link to some of the free hypnosis scripts and some hypnosis script books that you might be interested in on line.

I look forward to continuing to bring these to you programs to you. If you would like to send me some feedback please give me a call at 469-969-2176 or 800-965-3390, or email me. Or, you can leave a comment on my hypnosis blog.

Just so you know we have our next hypnosis Podcasts in production right now so that they can keep coming to you while I’m at the NGH convention. Here is a list of their titles and their scheduled posting dates!

  • Podcast Program #7 – Two Things You Can Do Over the Next Few Months to Make Your Hypnotherapy Practice More Fun, Profitable and Fulfilling,07/29/06
  • Podcast Program #8 – How to Make Appointments on the Telephone,07/31/06
  • Podcast Program #9 – How to Choose the Best Hypnosis School or Trainer for You,08/07/06
  • Podcast Program #10 – How to Build Your Practice through Great Search Engine Rank, 08/14/06

See you at the convention, and remember to pre-register for courses to make sure that you get a seat!

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4 Reader Comments to Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #6: How to Write Hypnosis Scripts “On the Fly”

  1. David Jenkins July 31, 2006 at 5:21 PM

    Hi Cal,
    Thankyou for doing a podcast that I think is so important.I hear so often on various forums, hypnotherapists asking for a standard script for various situations. The information you have provided in this podcast is so important for enabling hypnotherapists to adapt scripts to their clients individual problem. Keep up the great work.
    Kind Regards,

  2. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH July 31, 2006 at 6:53 PM

    Thanks again Dave. Next I think that you will really like Podcast #8 featuring Maureen Banyan! She is our general manager and she knows how to train our recptionists to make appointments. How she will give hypnotists everywhere some important tips on how to fill up their appointment books.

    Thanks again for your kind comments,

  3. Susan Mundy June 8, 2015 at 4:18 PM

    Hi Cal,

    Took your advice from ourhypnospace to check out this podcast.

    Wow…and this is an old one. Hard to believe it’s nearly 10 years ago. But, You sound just the same. Gotta love that consistency 😊

    Anyway, I just wanted to say this was an excellent episode indeed. You make it sound so simple & straightforward, then I realised as I was listening to you that the reason you do that is because that’s exactly what it is. Straightforward, provided we get the right information in the first place & really listen to our clients, they tell us all we need to know.

    As usual, Thanks Cal,

  4. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH June 8, 2015 at 4:34 PM

    Glad I can help. Let me know when you have watched/listened to all the videos!

    Let’s do GREAT things together,

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