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Using The Internet To Make Your Phone Ring

Using The Internet To Make Your Phone Ring
What You Must Know Make Your Website Work For YOU!

by Cal Banyan – 1 hour 50 min

How many want to have a thriving practice? How many would like to make more than $50K / Year? A 100K per year? 200k or more a year?

I’m going to show you the basics of how to do that. (Of course the FTC would go crazy if I didn’t say that how much actually makes requires that you actually do something and even then your results may vary.)

This is not going to be a technical talk. (I’m going to recommend my favorite book on the subject.)

No you cannot get a website from us. We only provide them to our graduates.

  1. How it started for me
    1. I was on the Internet before it went public.
    2. My first website went online in 1996. My first domain name was purchased a few months later.
    3. I was surprised that I actually got calls back then, not is is a main reason we get calls, enroll students into classes and sell training materials.
  2. Phone Directory is Dead – Long Live the Internet
    1. Phone directories are dead
    2. Just having a website is not enough, but you must have a website.
    3. People sit at their desks at work and surf, to solve problems.
    4. Everyone has a website and they are expected.
    5. Your website has one basic job – make your phone ring.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
    1. Must be on the first or second page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
    2. Most important factors (trifecta) works great on Google, and even better on Yahoo and Bing:
      1. Webpage Address / URL
      2. Title of your webpage (in the code is a meta tag)
      3. Description of your webpage. (In the code and is also a meta tag.)
    3. Think like a potential client – How will they search for you?
      1. Hypnosis, hypnotherapist, hypnotist
      2. Location, location, location
      3. Put this in your URL, title tag and on the site as content.
    4. Consider having multiple websites for your main services:
      1. Stop smoking
      2. Weight loss
      3. Etc.
    5. Creating a domain name:
      1. Two types of websites
        1. Don’t use your business name on secondary sites meant for SEO.
        2. Your Primary site may your domain name if it has “Hypnosis” in the name.
        3. The term hypnosis is searched for much more than hypnotherapy.
          3. Hypnosis.ORG
      2. “.com” is best because that is what people remember.
        1. If you use .net or .org then people think
  4. Think “Online Brochure”. Your site does not need to have a huge number of pages, or have a shopping cart, or online scheduling. It just needs to be enough to get the phone to ring.
    1. If you are willing to write all the content yourself you can use a program like Website Builder from
    2. Domain costs are about $10 per year.
    3. Godaddy will host a small “Website Builder” website for about $4 per month.
    4. Hostgator will host unlimited sites for about $6 per month.
    5. We offer a website building service to all of our grads! Sorry this is for grads only.
  5. Content that gets great SEO.
    1. Search engines love fresh quality content.
    2. This content must be related to hypnosis, and be original.
    3. This content should be well written and free of spelling errors.
    4. Write original content others will link to.
  6. Content that makes you the expert.
    1. Write articles about the kind of work you do.
    2. Give case histories.
    3. Articles do not have to be long, less than a 1,000 words work.
    4. Use Google alerts to learn about news in the profession and then write about what is topical.
    5. Write about the basics answering typical questions that people have about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and hypnotism.
  7. Content that makes your phone ring.
    1. Have a call to action.
    2. Offer a free phone consultation.
    3. Find out if hypnosis is right for you.
    4. Give a limited time or exclusive offer:
      1. Report
      2. Audio or video, like “The Truth about Hypnosis”.
      3. eBook!
  8. Free ticket to page one! Local search is on page one.
    They will even provide a map and directions.

    1. Google –
    2. Yahoo –
    3. Bing –

Get the book, How to Create a Big, Fat Pipeline of New Clients for you Law Firm, by Aaron Morris.

My favorite business book, Real Hypnosis Business Success

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