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Disk 7: How to Conduct Phase II, Age Regression Sessions - Part 2

  • Review of how to do the Elman-Banyan Induction.
  • Additional tips on how to make your inductions and convincers more reliable.
  • Learn how to install a post-hypnotic suggestion for instant induction in the next sessions.
  • How to begin to do two inductions at one time to double reliability.
  • Introduction of the Eight Word Induction.
  • Introduction of the Affect Induced Age Regression Induction (AIAR Induction).
  • Learn why you should strive to be in the directive mode when conducting age regression sessions.
  • Learn about when you need to be in the permissive mode, and how to get back into the directive mode.
  • How to work with clients who are not regressing as directed during an age regression session.
  • Where to stop an age regression if you do not have time to complete it during one session.
  • How to continue an age regression session from the previous session.
  • In depth discussion of how to conduct the Informed Child Technique.
  • In depth discussion of how to segue from age regression into the direct suggestion part of the session in order to maximize the effectiveness of your suggestions.
  • Introduction to the series of videos that will be used to exemplify the 5-PATH® system.