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Disk 3: Learn about the Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction with Demo

  • Answering questions about the tour, start-up costs, etc.
  • How to use videos to prepare your client for their hypnosis sessions.
  • In depth discussion of the model of the mind, including the functions and properties of the Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, and Unconscious Mind.
  • How the model of the mind relates to doing hypnosis and 5-PATH®.
  • How the beliefs held in the Subconscious Mind create emotions and motivate us to behave in both positive and negative ways. 
  • How the emotions generated in the Subconscious Mind motivates behavior.
  • Discussion of the critical factor and the three thresholds of suggestibility and how hypnosis allows us to overcome these functions increasing our client's suggestibility.
  • Lean why placebo is so effective and that the Unconscious mind is highly suggestible.
  • Learn why you need somnambulism to get long lasting results in your hypnosis sessions.
  • Why it is important to use hypnotic convincers in your sessions.
  • Why you should always attain Stage 4 Hypnosis (Harry Arons Scale) or deeper.
  • Brief overview of the Harry Arons Scale Depth Scale of Hypnosis.
  • Two useful definitions of hypnosis are discussed.
  • Development of the Elman-Banyan Hypnotic Induction.
  • How to prepare a client for the Elman-Banyan Hypnotic Induction.
  • Demonstration of the Elman-Banyan Induction.
  • Demonstration of a covert test for somnambulism embedded in the Elman-Banyan Hypnotic Induction.
  • Demonstration of the use of eyelid catalepsy and arm catalepsy as convincers.
  • Why you should speak rather rapidly when conducting rapid and instant inductions.
  • Some insider tips, tricks and techniques you can use in helping your client reach a deep level of hypnosis (Stage 4 or deeper).
  • Discussion of a hidden test for compliance in the Elman-Banyan Hypnotic Induction.
  • Learn why depth testing is essential in assuring quality hypnosis sessions.
  • Learn why shorter inductions can be more effective than longer inductions.
  • How and why you should constantly increase your client's confidence in hypnosis, the hypnotist and themselves as being able to be hypnotized.
  • Learn about the hidden test for somnambulism in the Elman-Induction and how not to be fooled by pseudo somnambulism.
  • Learn what to say when a technique doesn't work.
  • Learn what you should do when a technique doesn't work that should work.
  • How to get more referrals using convincers.
  • How to prepare for using a hypnosis script without memorizing it.
  • Learn the difference between education and training and why both are important in your professional development.