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Disk 2: How to Set Up a Hypnosis Office for Maximum Results

  • Tour of the Banyan Hypnosis Center excerpted from a podcast series, Hypnosis, Etc. with Celeste Hackett, previously published on
  • What to consider when choosing an office location.
  • How to make your sessions more successful and get more referrals through the proper set up of your office.
  • Considerations for setting a reception area for a hypnosis office.
  • Setting up a video viewing area that saves you time and improves quality of your sessions.
  • How to get and use testimonials to improve your sessions and referrals.
  • Why consistency of presentation is important in booking appointments and session success.
  • Other tips for improving your referral rate and session success.
  • How to set up your office where you see clients so that you maximize their compliance and suggestibility.
  • Discussion of how lighting and room temperature affects sessions.
  • How to set up the hypnosis area of your office.
  • Selecting a proper chair for your clients to sit in during their sessions.
  • Setting up your hypnosis office for video recording sessions.
  • Reasons for making recordings of your sessions.
  • Meet some of the office staff and learn about their duties at the center.
  • How you can add income to your practice by participating in an affiliate program.
  • Look at our classroom including the equipment we use to broadcast over the Internet.
  • What to do if your client snores during a session.
  • Discussion about subjective experiences, such as seeing colors while in hypnosis, and how to handle them.