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Disk 19: BONUS - How to Promote and Build Your Business by Maureen Banyan

  • How to answer your phone to set a mental expectation of success and make a professional impression.
  • Learn how to build rapport with potential clients on the telephone.
  • How to take control of the call and impress your client with the value of booking with you.
  • Learn what two questions you should never answer at the beginning of the call.
  • How to increase the probability of clients calling you back and booking with you when they are calling around and talking to other hypnosis professionals.
  • How to estimate the number of sessions when a potential client asks you about how many sessions are required for each session.
  • Learn when and how to get a medical referral when required.
  • Learn how to soft-sell your clients and not come across as "pushy" on the telephone.
  • Learn how to book a series of appointment on the first call and why it is in your client's best interest to do so.
  • Learn how to handle potential clients who only want to book one session to "just try it out".
  • Learn how to get clients to guarantee their session by giving you a credit card which can be charged if they don't show up.
  • Learn how to encourage clients to book multiple sessions through providing optional package discounts.
  • Learn about clients that you may be better off not booking appointments for.
  • Learn how to increase your bookings by following up with a mailing.
  • Learn how to improve your receptionist's performance through the use of incentives.
  • Learn how to get written testimonials from clients that they are willing to have you share to promote your work.
  • Learn why it is best to have the client pay before the session.
  • Learn how dressing professionally affects your ability to get clients to continue in the process and make referrals.
  • Discussion of professional dress for men versus women.