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Disk 13: How to Conduct Phase II, Age Regression Sessions - Part 5

  • Step by step review of the second video of the age regression session just shown in class.
  • Discussion of how I used the date/time age regression technique rather than affect bridge to continue the session.
  • Learn how to handle it when your client cries during an age regression session.
  • Learn how to handle it when the Initial Sensitizing Event involves the child's mother not loving him or her.
  • Learn how to work with anger that needs to be validated not neutralized in an age regression session.
  • Learn how to motivate clients to do the sometimes difficult work of age regression.
  • Learn how to go beyond simply neutralizing painful emotions and to provide insight for the client regarding any benefits that the client may have experienced because of the painful event uncovered in either an Initial Sensitizing Event, Symptom Producing Event, or Subsequent Sensitizing Event.
  • Discussion of how I used the Informed Adult Technique with the client in the video just shown to class.
  • Learn a special technique to get a higher level of compliance during age regression.
  • Discussion on how to use this program and viewing the session videos for best results and mastering the techniques.
  • Learn how to deal with events uncovered during the age regression which were physically painful.
  • Learn how to use the age regression process to reduce or eliminate negative self-talk that can accidently reinforce the problem that the client came to see you about.
  • Discussion of how I used the segue from the age regression into the direct suggestion portion of the session.
  • Discussion about how to reinforce what was learned in the session in the pre-hypnosis interview, and why it is important to do this.
  • Learn how to suggest to your clients that they can return if they have any more problems, without suggesting that they will have any further problems.
  • Learn how to increase the power of hypnotic suggestions by adding the individual client's expected benefits of making the change.
  • Discussion of how to schedule multiple sessions, and covering more than one or two phases in one session.
  • Discussion about how to do the age regression exercises in the exercise booklet included in the course.