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Disk 11: Video Clips of Instant Inductions, and How to Conduct Phase II, Age Regression Sessions - Part 5

  • Step by step review of the Affect Induced Age Regression demonstration video.
  • Review and summary of how to conduct an age regression, clearly diagramed for the class.
  • Discussion of the use of "previvification" to reinforce the changes experienced in the age regression session.
  • Learn how to effectively continue the work when it appears that more age regression work needs to be done at a later date.
  • Learn what to do when the regressed client is so young, i.e. a toddler and unable to report how old he or she is.
  • Learn the basics about how to conduct an Informing Soul Technique(TM) session and greatly increase the power of doing 5-PATH®.
  • Brief mention of how to conduct sessions with "spiritual issues".
  • Brief discussion on how to handle, what your clients reports to be a spontaneous past life regression.
  • Watch video clips excerpted from the Instant and Rapid Inductions distance learning video course, along with an explanation of how to use them. Includes the Eight Word Induction (standing and sitting), Banyan Blast Off Induction, Instant Induction by Post-Hypnotic Induction, and the Eyelock Instant Induction.