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Disk 10: Video of a Client Induced Using the Affect Induced Age Regression Induction, and Elimination of a Fear; Part 4 of Age Regression

  • More information about conducting hypnotic inductions, with some special instructions to prepare you for doing the Eight Word Induction.
  • Instructions on how to conduct the Affect Induced Age Regression Induction, and induce deep hypnosis in zero seconds, while simultaneously creating an age regression.
  • Introduction to a video of an age regression in which the Affect Induced Age Regression Induction was used. 
  • Learn how to handle it when a client creates an imaginary version of an Initial Sensitizing Event after doing the Informed Child Technique.
  • Demonstration of the application of the Affect Bridge Technique, moving the client through the Subsequent Sensitizing Events, uncovering the Initial Sensitizing Event, conducting the Informed Child Technique, testing the work done in the Informed Child Event, then moving the client back through the Subsequent Sensitizing Events up to the present, conducting the segue, and age progression work including how to do the the two different kinds of Informed Adult work.