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Hypnosis Training Video #384: Part 4: Taking Your Hypnosis Practice to the Next Level by Becoming a Client (Transcription)

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Cal Banyan: So let’s rock on; what’s happening? Thank you for the introduction. Let’s get into the meat and potatoes.

Brenda Titus: Today as we’ve been doing last several weeks, we’ve been doing this series on taking your practice to the next level by being a client. And today we’re going to answer that question; does this really work? Does hypnosis really work? Experience it for yourself, because I have to tell you, it really worked for me. Well I was going to say if it can work for me, it can work for anybody, but that’s kind of weird. I really believe in it in a totally different way, in a new way from the inside out, because of the experiences that I had by going through 5-PATH®. And over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about why someone would want to go and experience hypnosis, hypnotherapy for themselves.

We talked about some of the specific types of work that maybe someone might experience working with age regression, working with forgiveness. And today, we’re actually going to go back to where we started.
On that first episode, I had said, “Why would hypnotists want to go and get sessions for themselves?” So I wanted to go back now that we’ve talked about the experiences that I’ve had and experiencing it for myself, talking about it from a results angle. So what do you think about that, Cal?

Cal Banyan: I’m waiting with bated breath, waiting to find out what this is.

Brenda Titus: I love what you said earlier, we’re going to talk about results now. And you said, “I don’t have results…”

Cal Banyan: We’re just blowing hot air. It’s all about results. If you’re not getting results, it’s just hot air, right?

Brenda Titus: Exactly. So I’m going to go back over those, why would a hypnotist, you are trained, you know the concepts. Why would you want to go and do this? So let’s go back to the beginning.

First dealing with those old blocks and baggage, you know, baggage and blocks and things like that that maybe you didn’t’ even realize that you had. I know for myself it opened up a huge…I knew going in that I said, “Just whatever it is, it’s not this,” right? And it wasn’t. It was something else. I never, ever would have made sense out of it on my own. It was something like that that I really uncovered.

But here are some additional things. I want to talk about in terms of growing your practice and growing your capacity for doing this work. Literally going through the process of getting help for yourself puts you in a position of making improvements. You are really stopping, so that not just your sessions, but also going through the process of doing self- improvement. Every single week, I knew that I was going to be accountable to saying, well, this is what I’ve done, based on what I learned I did X, Y, and Z.

And, so did start making some really big changes in my practice that I intend to continue for the next several months or years in really advancing my practice and growing it and really being able to help people. Just from the business angle that helped me.

Next is that it really helped me consider how I approach talking to clients, you know, as I’m making that first phone call, talking to them and explaining my process. When they come in, explaining what we do, and how it works. It just literally changed everything. We talked so much in our work with that concept of you change from the inside out. And to have experienced it for myself, that’s the best way to really explain it. I changed from the inside out. And it started changing every day how I approach what I do to help my clients. That’s probably the biggest explanation point that I can really make on that. And what do you think about that, Cal? Have you noticed?

Cal Banyan: Hmmm.

Brenda Titus: It’s okay, because you’re not in sessions with me, so I’ll give you a pass on that.

Cal Banyan: Yeah, I really noticed a big difference, but you’ve always been this upbeat, enthusiastic, optimistic person. And to hear that you’re taking things to a new level by being like we talked about before, more confident, more sure of what you’re doing; more likely to actually follow through and push into what might have felt like the danger zone before. Now you realize that it’s the success zone, right?

Brenda Titus: Exactly. I was teasing him with that, because obviously so much of it has to do with what I’m doing with my clients. But just how it interacts with everybody, it’s so incredible.

I also really learned a lot about how I proceed with my clients in terms of, you know, then, because I was kind of giving myself homework each week, my hypnotist wasn’t necessarily doing that, but I knew I was all in. It was like, I’ve got to do this and I need to do X, Y, and Z.

But it did help me understand a little more about what to send people home with each week. Maybe through age progression, the ways that they could test their confidence or their capacity for change, even just before they ever came back into session with me. Or maybe even literally asking them to specifically focus on or work on something in between. So much of our work is insight driven, but helping bring that into the room.

So I learned so much about how to really transition into their real lives, so it wasn’t just what was happening in my office that they were making that change, but so that they were doing it every single week.

Now the next thing that we talked about back on Episode One of this series was, now by experiencing it for yourself you can learn the process better by experiencing it for yourself. And I have to tell you, especially because I threw myself so much into my training and so much into every single day, if I’m not in session I’m learning. I’m watching videos; I’m reading, you know, all of those things. But to literally experience it for yourself, you actually learn the process in a whole other way.

And in addition by developing a relationship, a professional, personal relationship with another hypnotist, you can grow in the profession as well, because you learn different techniques, maybe subsets of the techniques that you already learned. You just learn from somebody who maybe is a little bit more advanced. And quite frankly, there were different things that because I was new and learning so much that there were things that I taught Stephanie as well.

And so I really encourage you all to develop those relationships, because even though I work here at the Banyan Hypnosis Center, I’m with Cal, I’m with Maureen, but in the end when my door is shut, I’m there by myself. When I have relationships with other hypnotists out there, especially through literally going through the process of 5-PATH®, you have other people that you can turn to for guidance and support and to really learn this process for yourself from the inside out. So develop those relationships and I’ll remind everybody that the convention is coming up in a couple of months, meet people there; develop those relationships. If you’re on LinkedIn or other different ways that you can meet people and develop relationships so that you can both grow professionally, but also so you can do sessions and really experience all of that.

Cal Banyan: How is it that you got to meet Stephanie Green in person?

Brenda Titus: I got to meet Stephanie for the first time last year at the 5-PATH® Dinner at the Convention. And we just hit it off, and it was really great opportunity to just talk. We sat together a couple of different times and we talked. There was just a click that worked for us; that we trusted each other, and then like I said, then we developed a relationship so that we could do sessions together or just to be able to talk. And that’s been so helpful, you know. I meet with Erika every once in a while, as well, and different people.

You don’t have to be alone in this profession. You’re in business for yourself, you’re in private practice for yourself, but you do not have to be alone. But you have to put yourself out there and meet people, and allow yourself even to be vulnerable to asking for help, seeking help. This is an amazing profession of helping people, and people who want to share and want to grow this profession and grow the people in the profession, as well.

Cal Banyan: You know, as you’re talking about that it reminds me of a saying I once heard about another business, and it’s, you know, when you’re a 5-PATHer you might be in business for yourself, but you’re not by yourself, because we have such a really good support group. And when you go to the convention on the Thursday night before the convention starts, all of the 5-PATHers come to a dinner. The NGH recognizes this as a special interest group, allows us to have the restaurant all to ourselves. We flock in there, we give out awards, and I want people to meet each other because you’ve been chatting via the Internet in our special, exclusive 5-PATHer’s group, and you know each other more by your email and first name. And you get in there and you go, oh, you’re Brenda. And you already know each other. And if we didn’t have that dinner you might have been at the convention just bypassing each other and not making that connection. Isn’t that right?

Brenda Titus: Exactly. So always remember that, you know, meet people, and develop those relationships. And I’m really fortunate because I get to meet most of Cal’s students every time he has sessions, or every time he has classes here. So there are all different kinds of great ways to meet people. I obviously have a unique platform to meet people, but you all have that opportunity, too. So come to the convention and meet people so you can develop these great collaborations with others.

So as we continue; so again, with that, you know, when I asked at the beginning about why would someone want to get sessions, and I said, to understand what our clients experience. And you know, right around when I started actually having my sessions, I had a couple of clients who actually I was kind of struggling with. And they would feel like, oh this is so hard, and it did actually literally get worse for a little bit before it got better, that whole concept of you’ve got to get through it. You’ve got to walk through the fire to get to the other side, and I was really experiencing that. And darn it, if I didn’t experience that for myself. I started kind of beating up on myself, I was feeling bad. I think one day I came in and Cal asked me how I was, and it was like, ah, I’m great.

And you could tell that was completely not true and everything. But to really experience even the process, the part of you start your sessions and you’re feeling great. You’re learning about yourself, you’re doing all of these changes and growth. And sometimes you might hit some walls, and then we’ve got to bust through those walls. So it’s true; your clients experience it and you can experience that too. It’s not necessarily the, yeah, that’s why you want to go to sessions, but for you to really understand. Like I said, you know yourself better than anyone else and to experience that for yourself, to anticipate that sometimes that’s what you’re going to experience with your clients, so you can know how to walk them through that a little bit more effectively. Because, I know I definitely learned a lot through my process by experiencing that. What do you think about that, Cal?

Cal Banyan: I totally agree. And I’m glad that you decided to do that, and now when you’re in class in the future, are you going to convey that to our new classes? Because I always have you go, if you knew then what you know now at the beginning of the class, when you were first in class, what would you want to know, right?

Brenda Titus: Yes. That’s such a great point. Yes, I do get to talk about that sometimes, and that is definitely something valuable that I would love to be able to share with your students. Because like I said, experiencing it for yourself really does change everything. So as I get to that next point, the most important reason for you to come and get sessions for yourself is so you can become a true believer, absolutely. If you were to go back and see any of my other podcasts episodes, Cal has called me a true believer lots of times, but now I can say it from deep within, because it really did work for me.

I have had, Cal, the weirdest little stomach ache my entire life, entire life. I can’t even tell you how much school I missed. Well, I didn’t miss work, because that would have meant missing money and not getting paid or whatever. But for my whole life I had this weird little stomach ache that I don’t have any more. I mean, I can’t even tell you, shouting from the rooftops, and it was because of these sessions; literally by understanding why I developed that.

And so now because I understand that, I can explain this process in such a unique way; because for me it was just something that was very little. It wasn’t, you know, all of these other things that it could have been, would have been, or whatever.

Just like we say with our clients, it could be this, it could be that. It was just something little, something that happened one day that my subconscious mind decided, oh, if you have a little stomachache you don’t have to go to school. And it developed into this life-long I guess basically what I called it was a case of the Mondays that I don’t have any more.

Now Mondays are session days and they are like, spring out of bed, I’m here to greet the world, and live my soul’s purpose and all of that. So like I said, I truly became even more of a true believer by experiencing that. And you can, too. All you need to do is develop a relationship with a hypnotist, or maybe don’t develop a relationship with a hypnotist; maybe you want to professionally see a hypnotist. Go out there and do it; give it a try. Experience it for yourself, and it really will change both your own life, personally, and how you see the world, and how you see your life and how you deal with things. But you will also be able to change how you are able to help other people through hypnosis. And so that’s a little bit of my punctuation mark. You will not be sorry, and I’m glad that I did it and I would encourage anybody else to go out there and try it; experience it for yourself, because it will change you. I’ve changed because now I know, right, Cal?

Cal Banyan: Now you know.

Brenda Titus: I actually feel amazing.

Cal Banyan: All right, let’s wrap it up.

Brenda Titus: All right, I am so thankful for this opportunity to be able to learn for myself, as well as to be able to share what I have learned with all of you. And I really hope that this series has been enriching for everyone. And I really encourage you, like I said, go out there, get sessions for yourself. Become a true believer, hypnosis really does work. And you can make a difference for yourself and for other people–go for it, do it.

I look forward to the convention and have all of my flights; my entire trip to the convention is planned, it is booked, and it is ready to go. And I look forward to seeing everybody there. And I’ll probably be back on the podcast before that, but I just wanted to remind everybody that it’s such an incredible opportunity to learn and grow and network. So take advantage of it; get yourself there, make those plans and be there. And I look forward to seeing everyone soon at the convention. And that’s all I have to say; thank you so much. Have a great day, everybody.

Cal Banyan: All right, thank you, Brenda. You know, I’m here to talk about very much, but obviously Brenda still does sessions. If you feel a connection with her; I still do sessions. Now I don’t see as many clients as Brenda is able to, because I’m busy doing other things, like teaching and writing and marketing and stuff like that. But right here on Cal, just click on the ‘Contact Us’ thing or tab; and you can get information by calling us. You can email us questions about sessions. I’d be happy to see if we can fit you in. Also once again, I want to say in addition to 5-PATH® there is 7th Path. I personally have never gone through 5-PATH®, I have been hypnotized before, just for the experience. I’ve been regressed before just for the experience. I wanted to be that true believer. But as far as going through 5-PATH® therapy type session, I’ve never done it. I did my change with 7th Path Self -Hypnosis. And if you are in another area and you want to see if there is another 5-PATH® hypnotherapist near you, go to Okay, I hope to see you in class. Hope to see you at the convention. This is Cal Banyan signing off.

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