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Hypnosis Training Video #375: Cal Reveals the Do’s and Don’ts of being on Reality Television!

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Hello, everybody! Cal Banyan here, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. This is going to be an all-Cal episode and we’re going to get right into it. In this episode, we’re going to talk about what if you were invited to be on TV to hypnotize someone on TV. Would you do it? I think you should, in the vast majority of cases. But, I’m also going to tell you when, maybe, you shouldn’t do it.

All right. Let me introduce myself because, as I said, this is an all-Cal episode. I don’t have Brenda, she’ll be back in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be happy to have her back to do some of the heavy lifting around here. We also have Erika, she’s agreed to come back. We have Scott Giles who’s going to do a special appearance here in a few weeks before the NGH convention.

All right. So, who’s Cal Banyan? I am the developer of 5-PATH®, the only well-known, the only complete system of hypnotherapy and hypnosis; 7-Path Self-Hypnosis®, the only mind/body/spirit approach to doing self-hypnosis, a holistic form of hypnosis. I’m the author of several books. And, most importantly, I am a hypnotherapist. I’ve done thousands of hypnosis sessions, and I teach people like you how to get into the profession with a hypnosis certification course. And I also have the Week of Power, which is coming up in May, to help those who are already in the profession go to the next level.

All right. Let’s see if I can get in this. You know, one of the things I’m asked all the time is, “Cal, how do you do it? How do you keep putting out a new episode every week? With Brenda or without Brenda? Or Celeste or Meredith or whoever? And more importantly, then, how do you do it? Why do you do it?”

And I guess, if you’ve been watching these videos for very long you’ll notice that Cal Banyan cares. Cal Banyan cares about you, your success. Because together we’re going to do great things. We’re going to help people around the world. As you learn these techniques from this program and also, when I have more time, I go into more detail in my courses, books, and that kind of thing, we reach out together and change the world helping one person at a time, which transforms one family and one community, and truly, I know it sounds rather grand, but the whole world, as we work together. I do it because I care about you, I care about the profession, and together we can lift this profession to a whole new level.

All right, I’ve got my outline in hand here. This all came up because one of our hypnotherapists, one of our graduates, she doesn’t work here, she’s a graduate and she’s done our advanced training. She’s a 5-PATHer and 7-PATHer, was invited to be on a television show to hypnotize one of the people on the reality show. As you probably know, we sponsor and moderate a couple of groups on Yahoo, and one of the conversations was about that show. If you’ve ever watched the show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” you know it’s kind of a goofy show. I’ve seen it on TV. I will confess I’ve never watched a whole episode. Alana Jackson, our graduate, she was on the show. She did a professional job, and it was the right thing for her to do. I’ll get into that more in just a little bit.

What I want to talk about is it would that be a good idea for you to be on the show. Now, this is what happens. Someone gets an idea, either in a newsroom, if it’s a news situation. That’s how I first got on TV, was the WCCO Channel 11 in Minneapolis called me up, actually, not me but our office, and asked if we do hypnosis for improving memory and assisting in recall. And my receptionist at the time said, “Of course. That’s easy. We do that all the time.” It resulted in me being on a number of programs and radio shows, and that kind of thing in Minneapolis, which I was proud to do.

How did I get on the show? I got on the show because of my website. That’s really the lazy person’s way of getting answers nowadays, isn’t it? You just Google what you want, see what comes up. You start sorting through that information, getting your search. So what does that mean? If you’ve got a website, you might get asked to be on television. Some producers will call up and say, “Would you be willing to? Would you be interested in being on our show, hypnotizing someone?”

Now, you really want to be able to say “yes” to this. You want to be able to say “yes” because if you get on the show and you’re a professional, you’re a confident and competent hypnotist, it could be a boon to your practice, to your office, to you as a professional individual. It’s a boon to the profession when this is done well on TV. You must be a confident and competent hypnosis professional. You don’t want to get on there and be reading scripts. You know, “Take your attention to your eyelids. You can relax your eyelids so much . . .” [page turns] “. . . that they won’t work.” You can’t do that. You’ve got to be confident and you’ve got to be competent. If you’re a hypnotist who’s out there and you are doing the work and you are getting results, then by all means, you want to say “yes”.

Now, what’s going to happen is they’re either going to be invited to a place to do it, but most likely, in my experience, they come to your office. So your office needs to be ready. You need to be ready. You need to be confident and competent, as I mentioned, but you also need to look good. You need to be in your professional dress attire. This is not a time to have a casual day in your office. It probably wouldn’t hurt to even step it up a little bit. For example, if you normally dress like this to see clients, that day you might wear a sport coat, or the equivalent for a woman would be like a blazer. If you normally wear something that is like a polo shirt, you might step it up and wear a collared shirt or a shirt and tie.

You can’t go wrong with a white or, like I have right here, a cream colored shirt, and some not too wild tie. It’s not the day to wear your Harley Davidson tie. It’s the day to wear your more muted tie. By the way, if I was going to be on TV, I probably wouldn’t wear this exact tie because of this pattern as it can sometimes give the camera fits. Any little kind of small repeated pattern like this. From my experience, with our cameras, it’s not a problem. If the television camera is coming in, I’d probably have just a solid tie, a solid blue, a solid brown, that kind of thing. Enough about clothes.

Just chill out. Do what you always do. Don’t try to do something different. I remember when Alana accepted this opportunity to be on TV. She was sworn to secrecy, so I did not know what program she was going to be on. She called me because she knew I had been on TV. I had been on a documentary, been on radio shows, and she wanted some tips. I basically said, “Look, you’re a 5-PATHer. Do what you always do because that’s how you get results. Do exactly as you learned how to do things in the course that you went through.” She went through the Week of Power Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification course.

Now, we just went step by step. You’re going to want to do the preparation and testing. She’s probably only going to have one meeting with this person. If she has the opportunity to do more, then she’s going to go through as much 5-PATH® as she can. I believe she had only one meeting with the person, and so she had to do Phase One: Preparation, Testing, and Convincing, which is where you’re going to do the pre-talk with the client, answer their questions. You’re going to do the pre-hypnosis interview where you’re going to get the history of the problem. Then you’re going to do an assessment for readiness for hypnosis to make sure the person’s properly prepared. Then, do probably the induction that you think would be the best in that situation, like the Elman-Banyan Induction. If you don’t have that, then just go to You can give me your email and I’ll send you a video on how to do that. Or you can do the Eight Word Induction. Just type “Eight Word Induction Cal Banyan” into Google and you’ll get that. Or I’ll probably put a link down below.

So, she did that. And guess what? Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, is a funny reality program. I’ve only seen a little bit of it. In fact, I’ll probably put a link to a video that’s on YouTube of the segment of the hypnosis session right below so you can see how well Alana did.

Now, this person that she was hypnotizing, and I’ll look at my notes because I really don’t watch the show, Mama June. Mama June is goofy. She did not listen. She did not follow instructions. She was not truthful. How do you think the hypnosis session went? Not the greatest, right? But you could tell that Alana was professional. She knew what she was doing. She was confident and competent. We cannot count on the person that comes to you that’s on TV, the celebrity or the character or the news anchor, to fulfill their part. I believe that in the long run that Alana Jackson is going to be so much better off for having done this. Anyone that watches the video will see that she’s confident and competent, and if they’re in her area, they’d love to see her. And so, this is going to help build her practice.

Now, one of the things I think she needs to do is, right away, she needs to get this on her Facebook. She needs to get this on her Google Plus. She needs to Tweet it. And then somewhere on her website, either in a Press area or the Bio area and preferably, right on the front page, she’s going to put “As seen on TV, Honey Boo Boo” or “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” Or whatever channel it was: “As Seen on FOX” or NBC or HBO, whatever the program is, Family Channel. Because that gives you such credibility in our TV-watching, media-savvy world. Let’s say there’s three hypnotists in your area and one of them says, “Appeared on the Honey Boo Boo Show” or “Appeared on Nightline” or all these kinds of things. It gives you a level of credibility that other people don’t have.

So, like, if you go to, I do it on all my websites, in the Bio area of all my websites, I have that I’ve been on this program, this program, this program, this program. But on, is our website for informing people about our hypnosis services. On there, very plainly on the front page, we have, let me see if I can pull that up really quick in front of me. We have right there, above the fold, it says WCCO TV, KPIX Channel 5, KARE 11, KFAI Radio, WCCO Radio 83.0, and it just goes. I’ve been on other ones, but some are on the front page of my website. It gives me and what I teach, a kind of credibility. It’s not just me saying Cal Banyan’s the authority, Cal Banyan’s the expert. It’s these other programs selecting me as their authority, as their expert and it just gives you a whole lot of street cred.

All right. Let me look at my list real quick, make sure I went over everything. So, if you get invited to be on TV or invited to be on the radio, you definitely want to say, yes, if you are a confident and competent hypnotist. Your office needs to be ready. You need to dress in a professional way. It’s like a made-for-TV commercial for you and your practice. If the client from the television show does not cooperate, the audience will see that. It’s how you act, how you behave that will determine how will the program work for you.

Here’s an insider thing. If this happens for you, just email. Say, “Hey, I don’t know if you’d be interested in this,” but the person who contacted you, the producer, say, “Here’s a list. This might be interesting for you, a list of frequently asked questions or interesting facts about hypnosis.” And also send them an introduction, a bio, your bio, the stuff you want them to say. They’re going to do whatever the heck they want, but guess what? They’re busy people. If you can make their life a little bit easier, a couple things happen. They’ll take the easy way out. If they’re going to ask you a question, they’re probably going to ask you a question from that list. Wouldn’t that be nice if the question they asked you was a question you knew the answer to? And gosh, so it goes without saying that you should give them questions that you want to answer, that you know the answer to.

Also, it shows them that you are professional and you’re easy to work with. Because you provide them with interesting hypnosis facts. You provide them with frequently asked or common questions. And so they think about six months later, a year later, whenever, they think, “I need a hypnotist for a show or someone to talk on the topic of hypnotism.” Your name is going to come up. So, that’s one of the things you want to keep in mind.

That’s it. All right. Make sure that you update your website. You might even put it on your signature line in your email because that gets forwarded. You get on TV, you definitely, definitely want to take advantage of it.

All right. Last couple of bits of announcements here. We’ve got some training coming up in May, and we’ve got training coming up in July and October. You can always get our latest training on our website, We’ve got the Week of Power. That’s the one that Alana Jackson went through. That’s for people who have already been certified. And as of this date, right now, it’s coming up May 4th through the 10th, 2014. Thirty-day early enrollment can save you $100. Also, we have the NGH-approved Banyan Hypnosis Certification course. It’s the super course because it has 5-PATH®, 7-Path™. We have a course starting on July 14th, early registration for that’s available, discounts available and October 13th. I’ll see you at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention where I’m going to be doing a one-hour workshop, a two-hour workshop, and a two-day workshop, a certification course on age regression.

All right. Please leave your comments below. I’d love to interact with you here on or on our Facebook fan page, which is

All right. That’s it. Just made a quick one this time. On the next one, we’re going to be talking about something very special, and that is are you charging enough? Are you charging enough? Are you charging too much? That’s what we’re going to be talking about next time.

For now, this is Cal Banyan, signing off.


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