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Make Your Hypnosis Practice More Successful by Starting Now

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NEWS FLASH: If you have been watching the Hypnosis, Etc. videos, this might not be news, but the information is really important right now, so I am posting it here on to make sure as many people know about … Continue reading

Hypnotists Beat Recession by Adding Consumables

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Has your hypnosis or hypnotherapy practice slowed down lately? Have you seen a slight decrease in the number of students in your hypnosis certification or self-hypnosis classes? If not, this will still be of interest because you boost an already … Continue reading

Yes – Hypnotists ARE Adding Income in These Difficult Times

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It seems like all we hear on the news nowadays, is that the economy is not chugging along at the same fast rate as previous years. And, we have even heard rumblings from some hypnotists, and hypnosis trainers that enrollments … Continue reading