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TV “Hypnosis” with Age Regression on 666 Park Avenue TV Show – Good or Bad?

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What do you think, is this good news or not? It seems to me that "hypnosis" is being portrayed on TV more frequently lately. Here is a quick video that I took off of my television, taken from the 666 Park Avenue show.

In this video taken from the show, the hypnotist is a Clinical Psychologist. The client is a person who has amnesia regarding a recent event in her life. In this video clip, you see the client easily hypnotized and immediately regressing to an earlier time without any suggestion to do so (except for setting a mental expectation that this may happen – which was done when the hypnotist suggested that they consider hypnosis to uncover memories).

This may or may not be a past life regression session. That much is not revealed in the show yet, but, the regression appears to have been to a time before the client was born. They only speak about there being a "strong connection" between the person she was in the regression and the person she is now, and don't specifically call it a previous life. Hmmm, could this be a spontaneous past life regression, or regression to a spirit attachment event? Maybe, we will find out more this week.

For the purpose of this blog entry, I have to ask:

  • Does it seem like hypnosis is appearing on TV more frequently?

  • What do you think of the quality of hypnosis portrayed on TV?

  • Does this help you as a working hypnotist?

  • Does it help or hurt the profession?

Enjoy the clip from the show. I'm looking forward to hearing your comments.

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