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Hypnosis Training Video #423: Show the World You Are Serious about Hypnotism – BCH Support on OHS (Transcription)

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NOTE: This transcript has not yet been proofed read and may contain typos. It will be updated as soon as proof reading is complete.

Cal: Hello, everybody. Cal Banyan here, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. I’m back with Brenda Titus and she’s got a question that came in today, “How do you work with clients who are not there because they want to be there, that have got a change that they really want to make but have to make?” At least that’s the question, and that’s what we’re going to deal with.

Let me introduce you to Brenda. Brenda is the other half of this show. Whenever she’s on the show, she puts together the questions. She comes up with the concepts. Yeah, I come up with a couple of ideas here and there, but she’s got that pressure. And she comes through like a professional every time. Why? Because she cares about you. She cares about the profession. And that’s why she does so much of what she does. She’s seeing clients, clients, clients, clients like crazy but makes the time to do this show with us, with you and me. And she also helps in classes. She comes in and does a little bit of talking.

And then, but the most important thing is that she makes time to work in the practice sessions to make sure people are doing right and, in her own special way, to make them feel good about what they’re doing right and help them to make the changes that they’re not doing in a very gentle way, because I’m not so gentle. From last episode, I’m more like the drill instructor. She’s got a bachelor’s degree in sociology, an MA in criminology. She worked at the Rape and Crisis Intervention Center. And, gosh, she’s a true believer, a 5-PATHer, went through the course, went from classroom to clients like that. How you doing, Brenda?

Brenda: I’m doing great, Cal. Thank you so much for having me. And it is true. When you said in class, it’s like, “Oh, you got to listen to everything that Cal has to say because he will be right there to drill you, ask you questions.” And that actually is because he knows his stuff. So that is the great thing is that Cal really is among the best of the best. And he trains the best of the best in the profession as well. He really teaches us, especially with 5-PATH, but also the general certification as well. But then actually 5-PATH hypnotherapy really, truly is hypnosis that works. I see it every day with my clients.

Even days that I stop and I say, “Ooh, maybe not 5-PATH with this person, I say, no, no, no. Do it. You know what you’re doing. And every time, it’s just amazing, just incredible results that I always see with my clients. So I’m very thrilled to be here, part of the Banyan Hypnosis Center, working with the secret language of feelings, working with 5-PATH hypnotherapy as well as 7th Path self-hypnosis. And I’m just thrilled to be her as one of Cal’s students and colleagues, at this point, to be able to share some information with you. Should I go ahead and start with that question, Cal?

Cal: Hey, as you’re talking about that, I’m going to throw a little wrench in the works here, because you know that’s just what I do. And I want to talk a little bit about your contribution to Our Hypno Space. And you have a group for board certification, is that right?

Brenda: I do. Thank you so much, because I keep thinking I want to talk about that. So that actually would be a great opportunity to share about that. On Our Hypno Space, I am one of the group moderators for the hypnosis lounge where we go and we talk about just fun, interesting things. I try to come up with interesting topic every week, things that are just going on in my brain, to have some social interaction. But then I also have a group that I really only intend to be running for six months or for the next six months, which is the Board Certification Accountability Group. And This was my brainchild on January 1 as I was thinking about the coming year, thinking about the intentions that I have set for myself. And I am planning to sit for my board certification test at the convention this coming summer.

And I know, actually, I keep myself pretty accountable. But sometimes, things can get in the way, and it’s hard for me to always accomplish my goals or, “Next week, next week.” And so I thought one of the neat things that would be would be to get out there and go online and post my weekly goals about growth and my weekly goals about study or training or ongoing growth just to prepare for this step in my career. And so I thought, why don’t I go and develop a group there on Our Hypno Space, post my goals, and encourage other people to post their goals as well? So, I’ve been good. I’ve been posting every week. This is what I plan to do. This is what I did. This is where I fell short or accomplished my goals. And so actually, it’s been a very neat thing. And I always end with, “And so what are your goals for the week?” And so we really want to encourage people if you want to go and sit for your board certification this summer at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention, celebrating the 65th anniversary of the NGH. What a great year, class of 2015. Come and join me on Our Hypno Space.

Join the accountability group because here’s the key. At the moment, I’m just putting it out there, but I really want to encourage other people to share, “Hey, this is what I’m going to do to grow. This is where I’m achieving my goal. This is where I’m falling short,” so that we can support each other, because, like I said, I started this right at the beginning of the year. I want to be thinking about that every week. What am I doing to achieve my goals so that, when I show up this summer, I’ll be ready? And I will know some other people who are sitting in that exam with me, because I think that the more we can grow together and learn together, then we’ll be able to achieve and be successful together.

So that is my goal with the Board Certification Accountability Group. And I will add, when you go and check it out, I have people like Cal and people like Erika. I think those are the two main ones that I know have posted on there so far. But there’s also a whole section on there that is tips and support and encouragement from people who have already taken the test.

Last summer, Erika encouraged me and said, “Hey, let’s do it.” And I said, “No, I’m not ready.” I kind of wish I would’ve done it, except that I really felt that it was important to put in some study and preparation, which I hadn’t done before last year’s convention. But I will be ready this year. And I encourage you to join me so that you can be ready as well. Anything you want to add about that, Cal?

Cal: Yeah, I got a big, big, big, big question for you.

Brenda: Yes?

Cal: Why in the heck should someone bother with getting board-certified?

Brenda: Oh, why should we even do this? There’s a couple of really important reasons. I think for me, it was I realized we talk about all the time here, “Brenda went from classroom to clients in two seconds flat.” And the truth is that I did that and I’m very thankful for the success that I’ve had. However, I need to go back to basics. And I knew it. I knew that, now that I’ve been doing this for two and a half years, I really needed for myself to go back and re-grasp, re-listen to training things that kind of went over my head maybe the first time. So part of it for me is about growth and about achievement. I don’t have a lot of big aspirations for myself in the field in terms of being the person to know or that person to see. But I really want to do great work for my clients, and that is so important to me. I want to be the best that I can possibly be.

So, some of it was to just expand and grow for myself. But also, there’s I think 15,000 hypnotists in the National Guild of Hypnotists. However, less than 1000 people are board-certified. And there’s something about, sometimes, those extra letters behind our names. Board certification speaks to other professions about extra training, extra commitment. And that actually then translates to potential referrals or where you’re working with the client. And they need to check with their doctor or their psychologist or psychiatrist about working with you, that they see, okay, if you’re board-certified, it means that you’ve gone some extra steps. You’ve been approved by your certification agency to be able to do some of that higher level of work. Those are things I can think of off the top of my head about why. What do you think, Cal? Did I hit them?

Cal: Absolutely. I’ve got my list here. One is the public. The public has learned through doctors that doctors get board-certified. It might be board-certified in plastic surgery or board-certified psychiatrist. And so they understand that this board certification is going beyond just graduation from a program. It says, “I’ve allowed myself to be evaluated by leaders in the profession.” Then they say, “Yes, I’ve reached this particular high standard of professionalism.” So the public, when they see “Board-certified Hypnotist,” don’t write BCH, write “Board-certified Hypnotist” and that, all things being equal, they’ll pick you for sessions or training.

Doctors, of course, recognize this board certification, something they aspire to. And so you’re really speaking their language. You’re entering into their world when you can say I’m board-certified. And if anyone asks who you’re board-certified by, “I’m board-certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest and probably the oldest hypnosis organization in the world, 15,000 members, and 1,000 of them are board-certified.”

And so you’re just saying, “I am invested. I am a professional.” In the profession, if you’ve got aspirations to be a inspiration to others, if you have aspirations of being a trainer, if you have aspirations of being an inspiration to other people, moving up in the profession, then that’s your next logical step. You’ve got to become board-certified. After I became board-certified, I was writing for the National Guild of Hypnotists’ Journal of Hypnotism. I have a regular column in there. I write for every edition. That happened in part because I was board-certified. And then after that, what happens is I became a fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists. As you continue to give to the profession and demonstrate your desire for the profession to grow, then I became what’s called a diplomate. There’s only 15 living diplomates in the National Guild of Hypnotists. But it starts off with becoming one of those 1,000 or so board-certified hypnotists. I’m going to put a link down below on on the information about what it takes to become board-certified. Do you have any of that information available to you off the top of your head? What do you have to do?

Brenda: Oh my gosh, not off the top of my head. Obviously, there’s an exam. There’s also an article to be written. There are letters of recommendation, which, Cal, you and I will be talking about one of these days. And a few things like that. And actually, it is all available in a handy place on the board certification group on Our Hypno Space as well. I’ve got it all detailed there, links of where to find information. Erica wrote a great article about the process that she went through. Everybody will find lots of great resources on that group in Our Hypno Space as well about the process.

Cal: Right. Perfect. I’ve got a really good idea of what the National Guild of Hypnotists is looking for. And I wrote up a little paper there that said these are the kinds of things you need to be studying and know if you’re going to apply for board certification. So, I think your group is really, really great. Can I ask you about something else? I want everybody to know that Brenda doesn’t just talk the talk. She walks the walk. So, Brenda, you’re seeing clients, right?

Brenda: Yes.

Cal: How far in advance are you booked?

Brenda: I usually have a couple weeks waiting list right now.

Cal: Okay. You got clients that you’re booked out maybe five sessions with, right?

Brenda: Yes.

Cal: Then if I wanted to see you tomorrow, I couldn’t get in for two weeks, of course?

Brenda: It is very possible, yes.

Cal: Yes. Good, isn’t that a nice place to be?

Brenda: It’s the best place to be. It’s where I like to be for a couple of reasons obviously because that gives me a comfort level of I know what my week looks like. I sometimes can fit in an emergency or so. So it gives me a level of foundation and structure. But actually, the truth is that sometimes when people call me, and they hear that it’s going to take that long to get in, they’re like, “Well, when’s your next available?”

“Well, it’s in four weeks, but you can think about it.”

“No, put me in the calendar now.”

“Okay, great.”

So it’s a great problem to have. I feel bad sometimes because sometimes there is a bit of a wait, and so I feel bad because I want to get people in. But I also know it’s because I’m doing great work with the people that I’m seeing already that are scheduled.

Cal: People want what they can’t have, and so it raises your value in the eye of your potential client, and then the first thing you want to do is say, “Hey, it’s not easy to get appointments with me. While I’m booking your first appointment, let’s go ahead and book five appointments just to make sure you can get in.” Is that what you’re doing?

Brenda: Yes, when we schedule I make it very clear, “I will only schedule one if we’re going to schedule all of your sessions that we have planned,” specifically for that reason, because people actually realize that pretty quickly, “Oh, I won’t be able to get in.” So, yeah, I make that a clear expectation about how I proceed. I don’t just do it week to week.

Cal: All right, good. Anything else you want to say? We’re about 15 minutes so we can go ahead and make this a short one. or you can ask me a quick question, whatever you want.

Brenda: Well…

Cal: I’m totally okay with a 15-minute session.

Brenda: Well, why don’t we do that? Why don’t we stop short for today? We definitely hit some really important things. And we will address the questions that I have then on the next episode. Sound like a plan?

Cal: Sounds perfect. Hey, I want to put in one quick little advertisement on behalf of the National Guild of Hypnotists. On the National Guild of Hypnotists website,, they have a program called NGH connect. And it’s something that I do for my grads, but you have to be one of my grads to do it, is I allow you to advertise on our websites. And I was talking to NGH as that was a great idea a couple of years ago. They started doing it too. If you’re a National Guild of Hypnotists member in good standing, I happen to know that they have a few spots where you can actually have a webpage on the National Guild of Hypnotists website. So go to Look on the right side of the screen, and you’ll see the list. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis. And you’ll see that right under Dwight Damon, the president, Don Mottin, the vice president, is me. I’ve been on there from the very beginning. Don’t quote me on the price, but I think it’s about $100 a month. It’s a very good investment. Contact them. Tell them Cal sent you. And see if you can get on there. I think there’s a few more spots that they’re going to allow you to be on there. Okay, anything else you want to do to wrap it up, Brenda?

Brenda: I just want to remind everybody. If you have questions, please send them in, questions about hypnosis, techniques, board certification, or anything that you’d like Cal and myself to address or Erica. Send them our way. We’d like to hear from you. Leave comments on our Facebook page or at, continue this discussion. I can be reached at, as well as on Facebook as OCHypnotherapy or Healing Path Hypnosis, and Our Hypno Space over there. Like I said, go check out that board certification group or the hypnotist lounge. I’ve got a new topic every week, just something fun or interesting to just keep the conversation going and having us all keep in touch. Have a great week, everyone, and we will see you next time.

Cal: All right. Thank you, Brenda. You are brilliant. You are amazing. And you’re an inspiration to all these new folks and even to old guys like me. And you folks out there watching or listening, if you’re listening to audio-only version, I want to see you in class. The information is down below on hypnosis on
And if you’re watching this video a month down the road or two months or a year or two years, our entire training schedule is always on And we usually have early registration discounts. You can take the class live onsite, or you can take it live offsite through the Internet. Have the best seat in the house, and let it be your seat at home or in your office. All right, that’s Cal Banyan, Cal Banyan signing off.

This recording is the property of Cal Banyan and the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training and Services, Inc. All rights reserved. For private use only. It may not be duplicated without permission. For contact information go to

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