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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #35: Interview with Lynda Malerstein C.H.

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Interview with Lynda Malerstein C.H.

Welcome to my latest Podcast, an interview with Lynda Malerstein, C.H., who lives in West LA, here in California.  She is a full time professional hypnotherapist, who will talk about how she got into the profession, tell us about her practice and give a pointer of two on how to improve your hypnotherapy practice.  Among the tips she talks about include use of the Elman-Banyan Induction and some things she learned from Roy Hunter.

I appreciate Lynda taking the time to do this interview while she was at the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. taking the 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Ultimate Recognitions Course for teachers.

Lynda is an avid 5-PATHer and she talks about why it has been an important part of the success of her practice.  She says “find the cause” is one of the most important factors, and why 5-PATH® made her more successful.

The name of Lynda’s practice is Power Journeys Hypnosis. To contact her call 310-228-3160 and her email is

To get the training that Lynda is talking about and become both 5-PATH® and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher certified plan on attending the Week of Power program at the NGH Convention.

One Reader Comment to Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #35: Interview with Lynda Malerstein C.H.

  1. Rebecca J. Basenfelder June 21, 2007 at 10:32 AM

    Dear Cal,

    I enjoyed listening to your interview with Lynda. I appreciate all you are doing to help budding hypnotists like myself learn from those who have gone before us.

    I am attending Gerry Kein’s Omni School and leave tomorrow for the seven day basic training. Although I’ve read many books including your’s and Gerry’s, this is the first serious step in my journey to become a professional. I plan to attend your 7 Path live training as well as I feel one can never learn too much from the masters.

    One question I have, a question that you did not cover with Lynda, is after someone like myself attends basic training, how does one get from basic training to actually opening their own practice? I know that a person must practice, but this gap period between training and actually seeing clients makes me very anxious as I cannot see clearly what’s required to go from one point to the next. Perhaps the accomplished hynotherapists that you do pod casts with can share their journey from initial training to actually seeing their first client. I would be interested in hearing about this time in a hypnotist’s career and it would be very helpful.

    I am certain that much practice is required, but how does one get adequate practice on their own? Hypnotizing your family and friends can only take you so far and you probably won’t be able to practice regession that much with this group. Are there such things a practice groups? When does a hypnotist know that he or she is ready to open a practice?

    I appreciate all that you do for us. Sincere thanks.


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