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Hypnosis Training Podcast by Cal Banyan #46: Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. with Celeste Hackett - “Hypnotists Benefit from “The Secret” & the Laws of Attraction”

Hello everybody

Hey we’re back again for another episode of Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis Etc., with Celeste Hackett.

Cal:  Are you in Dallas, Texas?  Where are you Celeste?

Celeste:   Well I am actually in Plano, Texas but it is so plain-oo that I changed it to Dallas.  Actually, I am, I’m, I’m in just north of North Dallas. 

Cal:   North of North Dallas. 

Celeste:   Yes

Cal:   That’s practically the North Pole.

Celeste:   Yes.

Cal:  Of Texas.

Celeste:  Only it’s hot here so that can’t be the case.

Cal:   I bet you it is hot there, hey, do you have a storm coming your way or what?

Celeste:   Do we honey?  Do we honey, my husband as you know is a radio announcer he was on the air this morning with WRR FM 101.1 classical music and he knows.  Honey, do we have, what’s the weather forecast?  No, it’s heading towards Mexico.

Cal:   Cancun I heard.

Celeste:   Yeah, that is right.

Cal:  But after it goes by Cancun isn’t it going to go to Texas?

Celeste:  Umm, I don’t think so; it’s going to move into the Central Mexico, into Mexico City.  He’s talking, he said it’s going to move the Central of Mexico City, oh, Central Mexico.

Cal:  Well that’s good for Texas.

Celeste:  Yes, yes it is, I’m just glad it’s not hitting New Orleans again.

Cal:  Did you know that there are more Mexican citizens in the United States than there is in Mexico City?

Celeste:  No, you’re kidding.

Cal:  I heard that, it’s a, I don’t know, it’s a statistic I heard I don’t know if it’s true.  Hey let’s talk about Hypnosis, what, what do you think you’re going to do with me today?

Celeste:  Well, I think I’m going to shake you Cal.

Cal:  ______________________

Celeste:  And everybody else too, so you all better get ready, umm let me think how I’m going to do this.  You know this is, this is, the hard.   I’m like the Producer and the Co-Host here; I’ve got to come up with a lot of stuff here.  Ah, what I think I want to talk about is this client who got rid of anger but the anger was replaced with sadness and the Hypnotist who was doing the work was wondering if she did something wrong because the now the client’s all sad.

Cal:  That’s all you’ve got for me today?

Celeste:  Well that’s just one of them; you want, oh, that’s right I’ve got to give you 2 or 3.  Ok, also umm can you work with stop smoking and weight lose at the same time is another question that came in?  And a question about 7-Path, a 7-Path client was doing 7-Path, as the Hypnotist was you know, peddling around the office waiting for her to get in her 5 minutes and all of a sudden the, the client went just kind of sort of gasped and jumped and grabbed onto the arms of the chairs and come to find out she one of her echoes was that, she was going, she was just about to be hit by a car.

Cal:  Oh my goodness.

Celeste:   Yeah, and so the, the Hypnotist jumped out of her skin, because you know she was putting up her pens and papers and everything flew everywhere, and she so she wanted to know if she handled it right.  So, which one of these do you want to deal with Cal?

Cal:  Those are all, those are all very good questions, I anticipate answering all of them, but maybe not this time.  And you know what I just want to tell everybody how much I appreciate you out there.  All I do is show up, I say Celeste I don’t want to know anything about anything I just want to sit down and answer some questions and talk about stuff that is a good interest to Hypnotist. 

So I never know what’s coming up.  And just to turn the tables on Celeste, today she doesn’t know what’s coming up; I’ll answer those questions later.  This is what I’d like to talk about, I want to talk about something, that you know the, the NGH Convention before last I’d heard about a movie called the Secret, the Secret and it’s all about the law of attraction and that kind of thing, you ever heard of that Celeste?

Celeste:  Oh, absolutely, seen it a couple of times, great movie.

Cal:  Now what’s that got to do with Hypnosis, what do you think of that?

Celeste:  Well, umm a lot of clients are constantly attracting good and bad scenarios in their lives ah because of internal programming.  And umm Hypnotists are certainly attracting certain types of clients and so on.

Cal:  I know that one of the fellows in that movie was a Hypnotist and you know the problem with the movie is that it was like a brief introduction to this whole thing this whole law of attraction kind of thing. So let me, let me tell you a little bit about everything, because there are people watching this that don’t know what the heck we’re talking about.  And the law of attraction basically in simplest terms is like attracts like, and so if you got stinking thinking you’re going to start drawing some stinking things into your life. 

If you tend to be more optimistic you’re going to tend to pull nicer things into your life and our clients they got, most of them have got stinking thinking, and wouldn’t you agree with that ah Celeste?

Celeste:  Yes, ten fold.

Cal:  Yeah, yeah, and so in the movie, which again is just such a brief, brief introduction to this process umm, but, but its intriguing introduction I mean people got so excited about it.  I mean, I have like 2 or 3 copies of the movie that I have you know for myself and I give them to friends and stuff like that.  And then ah 3 of the most famous teachers in the Secret see if I can get right you got Reverend Michael Beckwith, Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield what they did is they put together ah, ah another program called the Briefcase and it’s based on ah the Book that the Movie was based on. 

And that’s Wallace Waddles science of getting rich its tremendous ah program and you know I’ll have a listing on www.calbanyan.com where you can get a copy of that.  Get it from me, get it from someone, but definitely get it because it’s going to show you how to use the Secret Language of Feelings, not the Secret Language of Feelings, the, the, the Secret the Law of Attraction for yourself to make yours, your practice your life more prosperous and then also to help your clients start bringing stuff into their lives, this is the idea.

In the movie what they do is they tell you just, you know if you feel good you’re going to start bringing stuff that feels good into your life.  Now the problem with that is, and true, if you sit down and you visualize positive stuff that’s definitely a move in the right direction.  And some of your clients might, might be trying that they’ve seen the movie or they’ve read the power of positive suggestion or something like that.  And they get frustrated because they’ll put 10, 15 or 20 minutes aside each day to think about positive stuff.

And again that’s definitely a step in the right direction.  But the problem is you see their cup, their cup is full and what I mean by that is I’m using the, the, the idea of a cup to represent what’s stored in your subconscious mind.  And that is you got all these fears and all these regrets and anger from the past stored in there and what it’s doing is it’s radiating out emotions and causing you to have negative thoughts, you know 16 hours a day, if you sleep 8 hours a sleep, a day.  Maybe even while you’re asleep you’re having negative dreams and that is sending out to the cosmos the universe the negative stuff, you know, almost 24 hours a day, and your 20 minutes of visualization sometimes is not going to be that effective, do you hear where I’m coming from Celeste?

Celeste:   Yes I do, I’m, and I’m pondering this as you speak.

Cal:    That’s right, so what happens is, you can have a client that wants to start brining more positive things into their lives ah and maybe they’ve seen the movie maybe they’ve, they’ve read ah the many books that have come out just before and after, or ah the CD’s all this stuff coming out about the law of attraction.  And they’re saying it’s just not working for me is there something wrong with me or am I doing something wrong.

You know and I find out what they’re doing, and the problem is that, you know, 15 minutes a day 20 minutes a day they’re doing their positive visualization and, and you know what they’re it’s just being overwhelmed by negative programming inside.  So what you want to do for both your clients and for yourself is you got to go in and start deprogramming yourself from all that heavy negative feelings and thinking that’s been going on.  Celeste can you think of anyway a Hypnotist could do that for his or herself or for the client?

Celeste:  Wow, you know, I, you’re really putting this all together for me now because ah I saw the Secret. 

Cal:  See, now you know how I feel, see Celeste always ask the questions and see I never know what’s coming up this time I got her completely her unexpected,  so   I’m, I’m really curious to hear how she’s going to handle this, this is the big test, go ahead Celeste.

Celeste:  A test, well you know like I said I saw the movie the Secret and I understood and I remember them making umm the emphasis on you know feeling happy, feeling good, so that you would attract good feelings, things that made you feel good and I thought that’s pretty cool, but I never took it to the next level where you’re making me think right now, which is how do you feel good, you know how do you feel good most of the day? 

Well as people who do Hypnosis, not only through direct suggestion you could teach someone how to hypnotize themselves umm or you could help empty that cup of negative emotion and cognition through doing 5-Path which would mean Age Regression to uncover events that are causing that stuff to still be in there and to uncover the thinking that they’re doing that stinking thinking so you could help straighten that out so basically ah, and then doing the getting rid of the anger to forgiveness of self and others, so basically you know do 5-Path on them.

And then of course 7-Path, you teach 7-Path to your clients and that’ll help them to empty the cup.  And umm, you know, there are a lot of thing you can do yourself or teach people to do such as ah simple meditations, umm affirmations.  Am I on the right track Cal?

Cal:  You see folks this is why I’ve got her on the show, she’s smart you see and she really gets this stuff and I wanted someone in here that could handle it and Celeste can handle it.  Very good Celeste, hey, so, so some of the things we could do, is we could do umm Age Regression and forgiveness therapy, all of the things that are in 5-Path.  We could teach them 7-Path, which the first 4 Hypnotic suggestions that they give themselves which we call Recognitions.

 Ah go in and neutralize that stuff, the 5th Suggestion again we call Recognition begin to give them suggestions for what they do want.  What else do you think we could do with them Celeste or what could you do for yourself, if you wanted to start bringing more positive things into your life with all the stuff you know about Hypnosis?

Celeste:  Well actually my mind was jumping to all the people seeing this movie who want to do this and tying some sort of your program as a Hypnotists with the, with the secret umm so my mind was totally going in another place, I mean, I guess I, I want to ask you something and that is, is that possible to do some sort of flyer or something saying here’s how you can do this positive feeling all the time.

Cal:  Who was it that said that which the mind can conceive it can achieve right? 

Celeste:  Yeah, so wow.

Cal:  So of course you could, in fact it would be a really good hook for getting on the radio wouldn’t it?

Celeste:  This would be an excellent hook, and also in some of those holistic magazines where a lot of ah people are already, they’ve seen the secret they know about the secret ah, they’re trying, trying, trying to feel good and they can’t do just by trying not, they can’t keep it up all the time. It’s hard even when you try for 20 minutes or even 5 minutes, ah to imagine and hallucinate and conjure up that good feeling.

Cal:  That’s right and you know one of the things we can do is we can say you know we can get someone in Hypnosis and say there’s a feeling inside you, you don’t like that’s just preventing you to bring the kind of life that you want into reality.     

And to bring up that feeling and follow it back neutralize it, do informed work, informed child work on there, give them the information they need, you’re good enough, you’re lovable, you’re everything you need to be to do everything ah that you need to do in this life, you know.  And you can tell them that they deserve it, and you can reinforce that with positive suggestion.

Now let me take that one step further and that is something that a lot of Hypnotist is not doing enough of even the ones that are doing Age Regression work and that is Age Progression work.  You see you got Age Regression what they do is they relive technical word for that is revivify.   Well I’m totally in love with this Age Progression work; I do a lot of it probably more than I let on in class.  But what I do is I will do Age Progression work where they can, I made up a word; pre-vivify that means to live in advance.

Now we’re really starting to do the stuff that the people who promote the law of attraction are trying to teach you to do but at a super charged level and that is get rid of the stuff that’s sending out the thinking stinking negative feelings 24 hours a day, neutralize that stuff and then take them into their probable future where they could begin to practice living in that better way with that person that they’ve always wanted to bring into their life.   With that new car, with that ability to go to college when they didn’t think they were worthy.

Whatever it is that they want, so Age Progression work program.  Hypnosis you have them hallucinate the life that they want.  Boy I’ll tell you what you get that into the subconscious mind and this is something that Wallace Waddle’s really talks about in his book, the science of getting rich, which the secret was based on, at least in large part.  And that is what you need to do is to get this life you want to sink into the subconscious mind and once it’s there it works automatically, and you don’t have to think about it so much so it’s really great, what do you think of that Celeste?

Celeste:  Well now I see where you were going with that question you know, umm, it’s interesting because when you try to do it and you’re not in Hypnosis and you’re thinking about the future it’s a lot harder than when you’re in somnambulism, and you could pre, ah pre-vivify so much easier.  And if you have someone who’s trained to help you bring in all those feelings, and all those sensations,  sight, sound, touch, smell  and they 100% already have collected the information from you and they know what you want and they’re guiding you while your mind is in this state wow, how powerful is that?  Way better than trying to do it on your own and plus you’re building those neuro pathways so that they can go on to do it again on their own after, after the session is over.  This is pretty huge Cal, I love this.

Cal:  I do too.  I’ll tell you what, so it was around August of the previous year that I really started hearing about this people were saying Cal, there’s this movie out called the Secret and it’s explaining why 7-Path works so well.  And as a matter of fact I heard recently from someone who knows one of the teachers on the Secret and that person had even talked to the individual and explained to them 7-Path.   So some of the spirit of 7-Path has kind of melted into the Secret.  Isn’t that exciting Celeste?

Celeste:  Yeah, that, that’s very cool.  You know I have a confession to make ah I only just started using 7-Path regularly with my clients umm a few weeks ago because I was so learning, just getting 5-Path down and I made a mistake from the very beginning with umm, ah putting to much pressure on them to do this for a life time instead of more or less to help with the sessions and less you know pressure to do it forever and when I started doing that they came back having done their Recognitions every week and it so changed everything. 

And you know all of this is jelling in my mind as you’re talking about the Secret and, and how I’m going to be able to use this even more powerful method somehow.  With it all kind of mixed up and working together this is very interesting.

Cal:  That’s right you, you know I think it opens up a whole new very timely venue for, for Hypnotist, and Hypnotherapists.  Oh, by the way the, the, the, the Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and doctor Reverend Michael Beckwith their program is called the science of getting rich and umm, they’re actually using one of our testimonials have a picture of me and Maureen with our little special briefcase as a one of as a default ah graphic on all the, the affiliate sites.  So if anyone wants to, to see that picture just go to http://banyangroup.thesgrprogram.com that’s http://banyangroup.thesgrprogram.com again that’s http://banyangroup.thesgrprogram.com and there’s a link on www.calbanyan.com to go there.

And I’ll tell you what, people, when I started studying that program, I mean really studying it, our profit levels went up immediately in a few weeks by 70%.  And people say where do you get these ideas Cal I mean I’ve just been going through a flurry of activity ah, www.ourhypnospace.com  you hear us talking about that, that was one of the inspired things I got from the science of getting rich briefcase which is explained on there.   Ah I really believe that I attracted www.hypnosis.org into my life using these techniques and a number of things that we’ve got going so umm, you can get it from me or you can get it from someone else.  But I’ll tell you what if I knew how effective that program was going to be before I got it, I would have sold my bed, I would have sold my T.V., I would have got it, so you guys check it out.   Celeste have you had a chance to check that out yet?

Celeste:  No I haven’t to check it out yet, although I got the first mailing its just that I’ve been so very busy, but you know, I’ve, I’ve got to do it because I know without trying to pat you on the back or umm, you know, do a commercial for Cal Banyan, that you are on the cutting edge of every, everything that has to do with Marketing and Hypnosis and if you say it works I believe you.

Cal:   You know my greatest challenge with this thing is I can not find the words to get enough people to get this get it from me or get it from someone else.   If you’ll sit down and study it, you study this thing it’ll absolutely change your life and umm it’s, it’s, it’s just an amazing process to go through and I’ll tell you something it goes so much farther than the Secret movie.  And this is what I mean in the Secret movie they mainly talk about hey feel good and you’ll attract good stuff.

And this is how you do it you; you imagine things and that kind of stuff.  But this is a lot of the name Sayers with regard to the Secret and the Law of Attraction will tell you, you know you’re not going to get anywhere just sitting there dreaming about a nice car and a nice house.  And you know what they’re right, there’s more to it.  And in the science of getting rich program in their briefcase they talk about a thing inspired action.

 You see this visualization and these kinds of things are just the tip of the iceberg you start using these techniques properly and it’ll, it’ll change the way you work with clients it’ll change with what you’re doing yourself and you’ll begin to do things in what they call in the program a certain way.  And you begin to do those things in a certain way, and you’re going to begin to get what’s called inspired action and it is, it is a way you can think of it as your subconscious, you can think of it as a higher power for it to start providing you with ways to start getting the things and start living the life that you've always dreamed about.  Celeste what do you think about that?

Celeste:  You know, umm, what I’m thinking of is there, you know, Hypnotist seem to tend to kind of think that we know it all and what else could possibly be out there.  But you’ve actually studied this and you’re very impressed with it.  Umm, so, so honestly from your heart this, a lot of these things were new and a big surprise to you and were very, very helpful to your business.

Cal:  That’s right, that, I was, it resonated with me right off the bat.   I said they’re teaching the same thing I’m teaching in 7-Path and what I’m doing with 5-Path, I got that right away.   But then they, by, it gave me a way to stay focused on it in a way that I’d never done before and to understand some of the mechanisms ah, some of the people behind this program are Physicists and they’re talking about quantum mechanics and stuff.  And when you start looking at it from that direction it gives you a way to focus on things in a way that I really hadn’t before. 

So, umm, umm, very, very praiseful of this, you know, you don’t have to get it from me, you don’t have to go to my website but get it from somewhere.  And ah I if you would really sit down and study it, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll change everything.  In fact first thing I started thinking about is how I could get my family; like my mother, my brothers to get this.  And ah, because you, you, you see the value in it and you’ll want to refer it to the people you love and care about.  So Celeste I’m recommending you get it, how does that sound?

Celeste:  That sounds pretty good, so honestly it’s blown your mind right?

Cal:  It’s ah it’s blown my mind because it’s so in line with where, where I was already thinking but helped nudge me into a, a, a, way of working and thinking  to where I’m using what I already knew in a more effective way.  So, ah, I highly, ah, I highly want to give some gratitude there for Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and ah Doctor Reverend Michael Beckwith.  And Jack Canfield, in case you guys don’t know, he’s one of the main people ah behind the whole Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

He sold probably more books than anybody else on the face of the planet and he doesn’t need to be putting this program together, he’s doing it because he knows it’s going to help people and Doctor Reverend ah Michael Beckwith he’s, he’s, a minister and you know, he’s a, a very well known and respected here in the Southern California area.  Ah he wouldn’t be recommending this nor having anything to do with it unless ah it really meant something. 

And Bob Proctor he’s been teaching this kind of stuff for probably 25, 35 years because he is a student of Wallace Waddles’ ah, ok, gosh, I’ve wanted to do that.  Thanks for helping me out with that Celeste.  

Celeste:  Why you’re welcome, this is exciting; I have to talk to my finance manager about this.

Cal:  You hear that Chris, Christopher?

Celeste:  He’s on the other side of the room laughing.

Cal:  Ok, good, alright, anything you want to get in real quick before we wrap up, what have we been going here about 22 minutes?

Celeste:  Umm, you know, oh, do we have time for a question or do we need to save it for the next time?

Cal:  Only if it’s really simple.

Celeste:  Simple, simple you ask, ok yes, I like the one about 7-Path since we were talking about it anyway.

Cal:  Ok

Celeste:   Umm, I was doing 7-Path with a client she was very relaxed and practicing on her own and all of a sudden she gasped and she opened her eyes and she jumped up and she, I said ah, what’s wrong, and she said I had a vision a car was coming at me and it was about to hit me.  And the ah, the Hypnotist said that ah,  she said oh it’s ok, it’s just one of your echoes sometimes their disturbing like that you’re safe, just close your eyes and go, and continue.  And umm the Hypnotist wanted to know if she handled it right and what caused such a severe sort of echo?

Cal:  Ok, so Celeste you think this is easy, that I can answer with explaining what 7-Path is, without explaining what echoes are and all that stuff, is that what you got in mind?

Celeste:  Oh my GOD what was I thinking, you’re right.  We should save this for the next one.

Cal:  This, this is for all of you 7-Pather’s out there and 7-Path teachers and ah let me do a tiny bit of review real quick for those who are not ah acquainted with 7-Path.  7-Path is a mind, body, spiritual approach to doing Self Hypnosis.  Ah the first thing it does, it goes in and neutralizes the negativity which is inside of you so that when you do begin to give yourself suggestions for what you do want the resistance isn’t there  and the suggestions can last a long, long time.  The, the basic technique is that you say the Recognition to yourself silently in the Hypnotic state and then you wait to see what kind of thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories and pictures follow.  We call those an echo.  Because they come from within you in response to the suggestion you gave yourself. 

And umm, the interesting thing about 7-Path is that it is the world’s first insight an emotionally based form of Self Hypnosis, it goes far beyond anything else, you know, that, I’ve ever heard of .  Most, well every other kind of Self Hypnosis involves going into Hypnosis giving you a suggestion.  This works on a principle call resonance and dissonance and that is the mind thinks in terms of similarities and differences. 

And when you give yourself a positive suggestion what it does is it reinforces the positive it begins to neutralize the negative and it begins if you do it repeatedly to become associated with your normal everyday thoughts.  There’s so much more to than that, but that’s what I’ve got time for.  And then her echo was this car coming towards her, let me tell you, there’s nothing, all, all of the recognitions or Hypnotic suggestions that you give yourself in 7-Path are positive statements. 

And so they can it can not make you feel bad, but what happens is you might have some feelings, memories and that kind of stuff inside of you which are like the opposite.  And so that when thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories inside of you are similar to the positive suggestions they resonate.  When they are different from then they are what I call dissonance or dissonant and so what happens is you’re going to provoke both things.

 And this car coming at her that frightened her really had to do with something she was already carrying inside of her, so using the technique of 7-Path what it did is it provoked this negative feeling, this fear and immediately begin to neutralize it.  And what she should do is just sit right back down and continue to doing her 7-Path she’s going to neutralize those negative feelings inside of her and then everything in her life is going to be better.  She’s going to feel better, she’s going to think better, and she’s going to attract more positive things, opportunities and people into her life.  How is that Celeste?

Celeste:  Wow, ah that was pretty good, because I, I didn’t realize what a dozy that was.  You know I’m going to have some of these little tiny questions ah ready for these times when we only have a few minutes and it’ll be something like, do you have to be licensed to be a Hypnotist or who ________________ Hypnosis, change ________________ no, and that’ll be a lot easier right?

Cal:  Well you know this is only like our 6th or 7th one you know; we’re just getting good at this.  And by the way folks ah if you’ve got suggestions, topics or question you can go to where is a, www.askcal.ourhypnospace.com and send them in there. Of course you’ve got to be a member so just sign up while you’re at it you get a free website a free blog and ah it’s a great way to network with lots and lots of Hypnotists and other Hypnosis professionals.  With that take it away Celeste. 

Celeste:  Ok, well that’s it for today everybody, I’m Celeste Hackett with Family First Hypnosis in Dallas, Texas.  Please visit, ah visit me on www.ourhypnospace.com and post, post your goals on the goals dreams and progress group that I started so that you can start sending those vibes out to the universe for all the stuff you want like a Hypnosis practice that really makes you a lot of money so you can go full time if you are not already full time if you are tons and tons of more money and helping lots of people and changing the world.  Woo hoo that was a mouthful, ok Cal now you say bye.

Cal:  Alright this is Cal Banyan, from www.calbanyan.com if you’re watching us anywhere else go to www.calbanyan.com because all the resources we talk about are right down there below this video so, until next Cal Banyan signing off.

This recording is the property of Cal Banyan and Cal Banyan’s, Banyan Publishing, Incorporated.  All rights reserved, for private use only, may not be duplicated without written permission.

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