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Please join “The Confidence Game” on OurHypnoSpace

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Brenda Titus Profile PictureHi everyone, this is Brenda Titus from the last two hypnosis training videos AND I want to invite you to join my new group on!

Last week, Cal asked me what my favorite thing about the hypnosis business was, and I realized that my favorite thing is helping people find and reclaim their personal power, their confidence. That goes for my clients, my colleagues (through the podcast and here on the message boards), and the students who come through the center. I decided to start the group “The Confidence Game” as a place to share inspiration, pick me ups, self care tips, quotes, etc to help us as hypnotherapists, and I’m certain that everyone will find great gems at the group that they can share with their clients as well.

Here’s the group description: The Hypnosis business is a Confidence Game. As Cal Banyan says, “If you’ve got no confidence, you’ve got no game.” The successful hypnotist needs to
be on their game, so to speak, at all time. This begins with the first phone call and continues all the way through our work with our clients.

Sometimes, even the most confident person needs an extra pick me up, and this group, “The Confidence Game,” is just the place to get it! This is a place to share quotes, inspiration, self-care tips, pictures, and anything that we can think of to help raise the vibration and lift the spirits! Come join me in the game, the Confidence Game!

Here’s the Link, come on over and join!

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