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Easiest Way to Grow Your Hypnosis Practice

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I am constantly asked for tips on how to grow a hypnosis practice and to do so on a budget. Here I agree with Dr. Damon; it is like he said in the video he just did with us recently. He said "Your best PR tool is between your chin and your nose." You just need to talk and your hypnosis practice will grow. So how do you get the conversation started? Well, you could go out and do public talks, and certainly that works. But I want to recommend that you give this a try… Be a walking billboard for your business.

Click on the graphics below and go to the new store I just set up, filled with hypnosis promotional hats, ties, mugs and so on. Heck, you are going to wear a shirt, or hat anyway, you might as well use them to build your hypnosis practice.


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