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To Hypnotists in the USA – Hypnotists in Florida In Danger – Don’t Be Next

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National Federation of HypnotistsHave you heard? Hypnosis professionals in Florida may lose their ability to practice! A change in the law is in the works if you do nothing. It looks like quick action by the union is the only thing that can save them. (And, may those of us in other states, keep reading.)

Below is an email sent out from the NGH by Dr. Dwight Damon, President…

Think about it, if members of the AMA and/or APA want to take away the right of Florida hypnotists, would they like to do the same to you?

If you practice in Florida, MUST act now by joining the union so that there will be funds to take on this challenge.

If you practice in another State, then you still need to join the union so that they will have the funds and membership to decrease the possibility that this will happen where you live.

Call the NGH today and join the union and protect your right to practice hypnosis and hypnotherapy where you live.

NGH website is

Let’s do GREAT things together!

MEMO: To all NGH Hypnotists


As the old saying goes, there is good news and there is bad news. In this case the good news is that we just received word early enough to take action about the bad news. There is a submitted change in the Florida legislature of the exemption that we now practice under as professional hypnotists. Someone wants to take it away from us. I am including a copy of the legislative change that has been submitted, and as you can see by the attached copy, it would wipe out the ability of hypnotists to practice our profession in that state.

Through the years there have been a lot of roadblocks thrown at us in the U.S. and Canada, but we persevered and came out on top. A problem is that when pro-active members, NFH/NGH legislative officer Scot Giles, and OPEIU, AFL/CIO, CLC act in behalf of all hypnotists, we have a very small union membership of only about 4% of our NGH members. This makes it difficult for us to ask OPEIU to provide a lobbyist to help us in legislative battles. We have about $2000 in the legislative account which is funded by NGH members, whether union or not. Unfortunately that is thousands of dollars less than we need to hire a lobbyist on our own in any state.

OPEIU sets the union dues and we keep less than $2 per member with which to maintain NFH local 104. Our Board officers, and our hard-working legislative officer are all unpaid volunteers, because we believe in what the union can and has done for us. The only money that stays with our local is a small stipend which is used for the secretary/treasurer to do the bookwork and maintain an office at her home.

OPEIU has come to our rescue with lobbyists in the past, but believe me, when we only have such a small number of union members out of all our NGH members it is difficult for me to ask them to spend amounts such as $20,000.00 they gave for Ontario, Canada a couple of years ago.

We need more union members in the U.S. and Canada, and we need them now! We need to show solidarity as a separate and distinct profession in a tangible way.

I expect to be talking to OPEIU President Mike Goodwin next Monday and I would like to be able to honestly say we are experiencing a tremendous influx of new members in NFH local 104. Click here to get your union application. If you can’t afford a full year’s membership we’ll be happy to have you join for six months.

Please help us to help you …

(Posted on behalf of Dr. Damon, President of the NGH)

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