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Oh My Gosh! Look Who’s Coming to the NGH Solid Gold Weekend!

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The National Guild of Hypnotists Solid God Convention
As you know the whole profession is getting very excited about the upcoming National Guild of Hypnotists, Solid Gold Weekend in Anaheim, California in just a few weeks.

Here is a short (not all inclusive) list of the speakers coming to Anaheim for the huge event on February 26th and 27th!

Get all the details by going to the National Guild of Hypnotists Site!

Marilyn Gordon – Secrets of Enlightened Hypnosis

Hypnotist Marilyn Gordon
  • How to overcome fears, pain, stress and much more.
  • To teach these tools in sessions and workshops.
  • To do the Wise Mind Process.
  • How to apply these special tools.

Marx Howell – Non-Verbal Hypnotic Induction

Hypnotist Marx Howell
  • How to induce trance without saying a word.
  • To use this technique with the hearing impaired.
  • A complete demonstration on non-verbal hypnotic inductions.
  • To use the easy-to-follow procedure for using non-verbal hypnotic induction.

Gerald Kein – Seven Keys to Direct Suggestion Success

Hypnotist Gerald Kein
  • Steps for the use of the powerful law of compounding suggestions.
  • How to use the art of disguised waking hypnosis.
  • How to identify techniques for reading patter.
  • To define a unique compounding direct drive technique.

Debi Livingston – Emotional Release for Total Prosperity

Hypnotist Debi Livingston
  • How to empower your clients with a new belief foundation.
  • Targeting, identifying and releasing old, uncomfortable feelings.
  • How to release and move on without regression.
  • To understand the subconscious mind.

Don Mottin – Tackling PTSD with the Use of Hypnosis

Hypnotist Don Mottin
  • How to use anchors.
  • The requirements for post-hypnotics.
  • Causes of PTSD.
  • Working with intrusive recollections.

David Quigley – Clearing the Cause of Disease in the Subconscious

Hypnotist David Quigley
  • How to customize your trance induction.
  • To access traumatic memories stored in a tumor or organ in the body.
  • To guide clients in a gentle, invitation way through these discoveries.
  • How to communicate directly with the disease.

And of course, “Yours Truly”, Cal Banyan… How to Get Massive Results by Mastering Age Regression AND Progression Hypnosis: Top Professional Secrets Revealed

  • Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training by Cal BanyanWhy every hypnosis professional needs to have age regression in their “toolbox”.

  • How to master the basics and go way beyond the basics fast!

  • How to avoid mistakes that cause hypnotists to fail at age regression!

  • How age regression and age progression create “hyper-suggestibility”.

  • How to build your confidence and competence before you see clients!

  • How to find the cause of the problem and positively transform it!

  • Insider age regression and progression secrets revealed – nothing held back…


  • Dr. Dwight Damon
  • Tony DeMarco
  • John Weir
  • Richard Sutphen
  • Angela & Tim Simmerman Sierra

Get all the details by going to the National Guild of Hypnotists Site! See you there.

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