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National Guild of Hypnotists Convention News: William Horton, PsyD

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Hypnossi Trainer Cal BanyanNGH Convention News… In my effort to let you all know about some of the best trainers to see at this year’s National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, I have another recommendation for you.

Recommended Trainer: Will Horton, PsyD.

I hope you have made up your mind to attend the convention this year and learn from everyone I have suggested. As I said before, I expect it to be great, especially because, this is the 60th Anniversary of the NGH.

Will Horton is a must see trainer. Being a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, a psychologist and an NLP trainer, he brings a very special kind of experience, skill level and perspective to his classes. It is well known that NLP includes many skills and techniques which are useful to the practicing hypnotherapist.

With that, here are his pre- and post-convention workshops:

Four Days – Monday August 9 thru Thursday August 12

[#141] NLP Accelerated Practitioner Certification – A Dynamic Mind Influencing Formula That Gets Rapid Results with Dr. William D. Horton, PsyD, CMI, BCH – This is invaluable training for every hypnotist, social worker, alcohol and drug counselor, psychologist, or anyone in the mental health field. For an investment of four days and a small fee, you will gain insights and abilities you never thought possible. Learn in four days what other classes teach in 6 months! Experience a personal transformation that will leave you inspired, informed, and motivated. Master the basic techniques that have made NLP the most sought-after training. Don’t miss this intensive hands-on learning experience. Tuition – $595.00

Three Days – Wednesday August 18 thru Friday August 20

[#231] NLP Master Certification Training & The Secrets of Waking Hypnosis with William Horton, PsyD, BCH, CMI – Now is your opportunity to earn the prestigious title of NLP Master Practitioner and gain the critical skills and abilities you need to excel in personal growth, relationships, and business. This training leads you to the secret of creating your future. Learn the specific NLP techniques that affect the most rapid change possible for your clients, the true art of persuasion with integrity. The good news is that these waking hypnosis strategies will never be considered manipulative or covert. Discover here the fail-safe technology, which creates new patterns for success, achievement, happiness, and love. Tuition – $595.00

Will Horton will also be giving the following seminars:

  • FREEDOM FROM COMPULSIVE HABITS—Hypnosis & NLP for Alcohol &Drug Issues

    • Learn the addictions process

    • Discover the medical disease model

    • Explain the cycle of recovery

    • Learn the 12-Step model

Learn from Dr. Horton’s 20 years in the field of addictions. He has worked in inpatient, outpatient, criminal justice, detox and long-term treatment facilities. Dr. Horton was the regional director for the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana. He teaches you how to blend traditional methods with cutting edge techniques for rapid and lasting change.

  • Becoming A NEW You Many times it is necessary to leave behind the wreckage of the past and recreate who you are. I have studied how some people can successfully re-invent who they are, while others fail. Learn the secrets of becoming a new you!

  • A NEW NLP TECHNIQUE FOR CONFIDENCE—Develop Steel Resolve Why to do some people have confidence and other’s not. Why do some people seem arrogant instead of confident? I have studied naturally confident people and discovered a “secret”! I combine NLP, hypnosis, psychology and energy to give you steel resolve.

NOTE: Will is a very popular award winning speaker. If you want to take his courses, contact the NGH ASAP. Their contact information is on their website,

See you at the convention! And here is a link to my seminars.


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