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NEWS FLASH: I’ve Found the Next Logical Step

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HypnoCoaching Certification

Marilyn GordonI just got off the phone with Marilyn Gordon, the award winning hypnotherapy trainer and author, just in case you didn’t know. 🙂 I have some great news. This is just what hypnotists and hypnotherapists around the world have been waiting for. Read on and see if it is right for you. I think it will be.

Imagine taking the next step in your practice where you learn tools that will meld extremely well with the training you have already received.

Sorry about the late notice but… In just a few days Marilyn Gordon and her team of experienced and caring teachers are conducting an amazing program called "HypnoCoaching".

Yes, you have to be able to act fast…
*** This practice building and expanding course starts on June 17th!!!

Read On…

Before I get into the course let me tell you I love Marilyn Gordon. To me she is the Angel of Hypnotherapy. I’ve never met anyone in this profession who is more ethical, spiritual or caring. Most people don’t know this, but I’ll let you in on something… Marilyn was the first person in this profession that encouraged me to become a trainer. She saw something special in me that got me going in this direction. I know that she will also help you to see something special in yourself.

In addition to having Marilyn involved there is more good news, she does not do all of the training in this course! She is also bringing in some expert trainers including: Sarah Horton, Hollis Polk, and Susanne West, all of them, Marilyn tells me are Inspiring, high-level, professional coaches.

Hollis Polk
Hollis Polk
Susanne West
Susanne West
Sarah Horton
Sarah Horton

You can get all of the information about her upcoming course on her hypnocoaching site, (including an easy payment plan). I recommend this course because it can transform your hypnosis practice!

Imagine this…

  • Learning how to expand your practice worldwide.

  • Learning how to build on the work you have done with your clients so that they want to continue working with you on other issues.

  • Learning how to combine the power of coaching with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

  • Learning how to add flexibility to your session by adding powerful new techniques.

  • Learning the wonderful Wise Mind Techique that creates fast powerful self-change.

  • Learning a client-centered, non-directive approach that works along side of 5-PATH and similar approaches!

  • Getting ongoing support through "Master Mind Coaching" for confidence and success.

  • Learning how to work with the Super Consciousness of you clients and their heart’s desire.

  • Learning effective techniques that you can use to teach classes to add variety to your practice, while at the same time getting more clients.

  • Learning a whole new way to charge from services; learn how to be on retainer!

  • Getting National Guild of Hypnotists continuing education credits to keep your certification active.

  • Taking this powerful course on a weekly basis over the phone, no travel!

  • Having sufficient time to absorb and use what you learned in class.

  • Becoming a part of a on-the-phone practice team experiencing the benefits from the techniques you learn.

  • Learning a system of HypnoCoaching that works over the phone so your practice can grow quickly worldwide.

  • Operating without an office if you want to keeping your costs low and your profits high.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from you all after taking this course. I know that you will be so pleased.

EASY PAYMENT PLAN: To make it as easy as possible for you all to attend this course Marilyn has set up three different payment options.

$100.00 BONUS FROM ME!!! I have a special bonus for you, because I so want to encourage you to attend this course. Just enroll, pay your tuition for the course and graduate and I’ll give you a $100 coupon you can use toward any purchase on This includes everything on the site such as hypnosis training books, CDs, DVD and even live training programs!

NOTE: This course is ESPECIALLY for those of you who have a spiritual side and would like to know how to bring that into your practice (although being spiritual is not a requirement).

CLASS STARTS ON JUNE 17th!!! Use this link now to learn more, register and get your $100 off coupon.

Thank you Marilyn, for letting me tell everyone about your course!

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