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National Guild of Hypnotists Convention News: Marilyn Gordon’s Seminar – Realize Your Greatness: Create Success, Transformation & Spiritual Power

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Hypnotist Marilyn GordonNGH Convention News… Yes, if you have been following along here on lately you have seen that I am sending you out some recommendations for some great training programs at the National Guild of Hypnotists 60th Year Celebration and Convention this year. Here is one of my favorite ladies in our profession.

Recommended Trainer: Marilyn Gordon

Today I want to recommend seeing her at the convention and really I recommend anything by Marilyn Gordon. She is a great person and a wonderful teacher who is asked to teach each year at the convention. I also recommend her book, Extraordinary Healing.

If you attend her program give her a hug from me and tell her I sent you.

Here is the "Official" announcement:

Realize Your Greatness: Create Success, Transformation & Spiritual Power
NGH 2-Day Pre-Conference Program

This is an extraordinarily powerful new two-day transformation and self development program filled with tools and techniques for both you and your clients. If you’ve wanted to create more success, transformation and spiritual power, as well as to shift old thoughts and emotions and help your clients do the same, this is the program for you. Receive a certificate as a Certified Life Transformation Consultant. This a hands-on interactive remarkable program to assist you and your clients to have greater success in anything, release old outworn notions about your abilities, confidence, and self-worth, accomplish your dreams, increase your income, fulfill your life purpose, expand your gifts and talents, and much more. Receive valuable documents for your work and life.

You’ll receive:

  • Success techniques

  • Emotional transformation

  • Connection with the Wise Mind and inner guidance

  • Meditations, deep hypnosis processes, interactive transformation work

  • A certificate as a Life Transformation Consultant

  • A total toolkit for a life transformation business, which will include online marketing, healing and business documents, and much more.

  • Powerful inspiration and support

Marilyn will also be giving the following seminars:

  • Free One Hour Seminar: The Wise Mind & Brilliant Transformation
    Discover profound and inspiring ways to assist clients to transform their challenges, thoughts and emotions and open up states of wisdom and higher consciousness.

  • Two Hour Workshop: The Wise Mind Process and Tools for Transformation
    Enter the realm of higher consciousness and create compelling sessions. Learn the Wise Mind Process which resolves any life issues in four steps. Create amazing success in your practice and your life. Learn many other highly valuable tools and techniques as well.

That is it for today. I have one or two more recommendations lined up for you and we will get them out to you in a few days.

See you at the convention. AND, remember to come up to me and say "Hello!" at the convention and let me know that you watch my videos!

Here are some of her popular books which I highly recommend

The Wise MindExtraordinary Healing

I also highly recommend her hypno-coaching program which starts june 17th.

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