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Hours & Hours of Banyan Hypnosis Training on CDs at an Incredible Price!

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Hypnosis Etc. Audio CD SetThis project has been in the works for a long time, and it has to be one of the best CD deals available in the world of hypnosis training!

It was your idea! Over the years, I have received emails from viewers of the, Cal Banyan’s Hypnosis, Etc. Show (with Celeste Hackett, Meredith Locher, and/or Elronn Ferguson), saying we wish we could take the audio version of the program with us when we are away from our computers!

Hypnosis Instructor Cal BanyanThat is why we have gathered up the first 150 episodes of fun, interesting and informative hypnosis training and put them in a series of 6 volumes. Each volume contains 25 episodes and is contained in 10-12 CDs!

Now you can become un-tethered from your computer:

  • Listen to our, oh so fun, and informative hypnosis training in your car.

  • Listen to it on your home stereo or boom box while you do other things at home.

  • Listen to them in NGH Chapter meetings or other hypnosis meetups!

  • Copy them to your iPod, iPhone, or other mp3 player.

  • Add them to your library for easy reference.

Hypnosis Professional Meredith Locher
Meredith Locher, MA, CH
Hypnosis Instructor Celeste Hackett
Celeste Hackett, CH, CPHI
Hypnosis Professional Elronn Ferguson
Elronn Ferguson, CH

Get Cal when he was doing the program by himself, and also with his co-hosts!

Now, here’s the best part! Each volume (containing 25 episodes on 10-12 CDs) is going to be priced at $19.95 only! The entire set of 6 volumes is valued at $119.70! That is about 70 hours of advanced, up to date, hypno-1%er™ training for an incredible price, that you can use any time and almost anywhere.

Bouns OfferBut wait! Of course, I have an introductory offer…

If you act right away – for the next 7 days or until we sell out the first 20 introductory sets, you can save big, and get the entire set of 6 volumes for just $89.95 (regularly priced at $119.70). Or, you can select single volumes for only $15.95 each (regularly priced at $19.95 each).

That is right, for just 7 days you get:

  • The whole set of 150 episodes for just $89.95 (only 20 available at this price).

  • Or, select single volumes of 25 episodes for only $15.95 (only 20 volumes available at this price)

Click here for details and/or to order.

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