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Elronn’s Latest Article, Generating Client Involvement

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Did you know that our very own Elronn Ferguson is a writer for the www.Hypnosis.ORG ezine a professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy publication? Well, now you do.

I want to recommend his latest article, Generating Client Involvement. And make sure to leave a comment here to let him know what you think.


Generating Client Involvement

Hypnotherapist Elronn FergusonClient results, in terms of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional shifts, can range from disappointing to spectacular. One of the contingencies for success, is the client’s internal level of involvement in the process. Knowing how to engage and encourage this critical factor (pun intended) rests in the hands of the hypnotherapist. The clients internal thought process is out of our control, and being skilled in your approach isn’t enough if the client remains dissociated from the process.

For those of you who use a directive approach, and integrate it with insight oriented techniques such as Age Regression, the clients level of openness and participation will have just as much of an effect on their progress as their inherent level of insightfulness. Occasionally, a client go through the standard process and experience average results, only to admit to you later, that there is content they have been avoiding. Sometimes you can see this situation coming a mile away, sometimes you can’t. This is why rapport is so important, as it encourages your client to feel safe enough to reveal what bubbles up, and follow your lead. But talking about rapport is not the only key to success when setting the stage for optimal client involvement.

There are many ways that the client can be, shall we say, elusive… Read more.

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