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Yes, Live, High Quality, Hands-On Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Training Can Be Conducted Via the Internet: Here’s How We Do It Right

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2010 is just days away, and technology is moving fast forward. And, as many of you know, we like to stay on the very cutting edge of technology, especially two kinds of technology, hypnosis and Internet tech.

Today, I’m writing about some very special Internet technology that we have been using now for over 2 1/2 years, the ability to provide high quality, hands-on, hypnosis and hypnotherapy certification training over the Internet. I’m writing this article because we are constantly receiving requests from teachers and students wanting to know how we do it.

First off, let me tell you, this is a fairly complicated process and should not be undertaken by those who are not fully dedicated to doing it right. If you don’t do it right, you will ruin it for those who are set up to do it right, providing quality training for not only your onsite students, but also for your offsite over-the-Internet students.

Below is a brief description of the equipment and processes we have in place to be able to provide high quality training live over the Web. But, before you dive into the list, let me say that not only is providing this kind of training not right for every instructor/school, it is not right for every student.

The ideal student would have the following characteristics:

  • Tech savvy and able to work with a technician who set them up with the virtual classroom software.

  • Excellent and reliable high speed Internet connection.

  • Willing to sit in front of their computer day after day through the course.

  • Highly motivated to take the course over the Internet in order to benefit from the special student status, i.e., saving money on travel, lodging, and food, as well as being able to remain at his or her office or home while taking the course rather than being away.

  • Able to arrange to have someone to practice on during class to both learn the techniques and experience coaching on the techniques.

Here is the setup of our classroom:

  • 2 Internet connections: the primary being cable, and the secondary being DSL (Digital Subscribers Line) with an automatic switching device that would automatically switch from the cable broadband connection to the DSL if the primary Internet connection failed.

    Onlone Hypnosis Trianing Router

  • 2 virtual classrooms and three dedicated computers; the primary software package is run by two dedicated computers, and a secondary computer runs another virtual classroom software package in case one or more of the offsite student’s computers experience compatibility problems with any of the offsite student’s computers.

    Hypnosis Trianing Graduates

  • 1 digital projector that would allow both the onsite and offsite students to simultaneously view videos of sessions or techniques shown to the class.

    Projector in Hypnosis Training Classroom

  • 2 HD video cameras mounted at the back of the classroom which are set up to broadcast classes over the Internet (1 pointed at me at the lectern, and another calibrated to view the whiteboard), plus an additional HD video cameras as a backup if needed (back up Internet connections and cameras are a must when doing live webcasts). Finally, there was a fourth wireless webcam that was used to take the offsite students on a tour of the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. which was enjoyed by all the onsite students. It could be used any time that the class went outside of the dedicated classroom. We used this when we take the class into areas of the office.

    Camera's in Hypnosis Trianing Classroom

  • 2 dedicated microphones mounted in the ceiling of the classroom to pick up the teacher’s and the students’ voices: These microphones were then run through a multi-channel audio mixer, and the output was then sent to the two computers at the back of the classroom broadcasting over the Internet.

    Microphones in Hypnosis Trianing Classroom

  • 1 digital audio recorder: Just to be on the safe side, we make digital audio recordings of the class in case one of our off site students had computer problems or Internet connection problems (on their side, such as their losing an Internet connection at their location). In that case, we could email them a recording of any part of the course that he or she may have missed while they were offline. (This was useful when one of our students who was retaking the class online and who lives in Singapore missed part of the course.)

    Audio Recording for Hypnosis Training

  • Extra computer monitor is set up at the lectern so that the instructor can see the online students live, and interact with them in a quality manner.

    Monitor for Hypnosis Training Instructor

  • 2-3 technicians to set up and run the system: If the instructor attempted to run the equipment required to bring the course to the offsite students, it would greatly decrease the quality of the class for both the offsite and onsite students. So, it is very important that this equipment be set up and operated by technical staff. The staff must be able to setup, operate and trouble-shoot any problems that come up in a timely manner, so as to not distract the instructor or onsite students. In addition, these technicians serve as engineers switching between the microphone of the instructor and the microphones used by the offsite students as they ask questions (in real time) or otherwise, interact with the instructor and the other students in the physical classroom.

    Hypnosis Traiing Staff

  • 1 telephone system with a speaker or earphone attachment to serve as a backup in case the audio has difficulties during the program. This came into use when one of the offsite students who was participating from his home in Mexico had some computer problems and needed to communicate via telephone during the scheduled practice time with the instructor or GTA.

    Each offsite student was required to do the same hands-on components of the training as the onsite students, which included practicing inductions, overt and covert depth testing, and age regression practice. And, just like the onsite students received supervision during these practice sessions. So too, were the offsite students able to demonstrate their abilities learned to the instructor, as well as being coached by assisting Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). This ensured that the offsite students were gaining the same level of mastery of the techniques as the onsite students.

    Telephone for Hypnosis Training

I expect that someday students (in every profession) will actually become accustomed to having the ability to choose to take their certification (and other) courses by coming to an onsite classroom, or instead choosing the money saving option of taking the class over the Internet in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

This is a huge savings on the part of the offsite students in many cases. When you take the course online, you do not have to spend money on travel, nor take the time to travel, or spend money eating in expensive restaurants, and so on. Also, for many people, they simply cannot leave their home or office to study because of certain responsibilities or handicaps.

Caution: It is very important that hypnosis instructors do not attempt to conduct training over the Internet unless they have the systems I have listed above in place. It is vitally important that the offsite students receive the same quality of training as the onsite students. It is also important that an instructor does not attempt to manage the equipment and conduct the class at the same time, doing so, would denigrate the experience for both the offsite and onsite students.

Finally, it is very important that backup systems be in place. The most important being: a secondary connection to the Internet that comes from a different source. For example, two cable or two DSL Internet connections would not suffice because if one connection went down so would the other one. Also back up computers, microphones webcams and so on are vitally important. However, one of the most important considerations is that you need to have, is a minimum of two technicians. It is far too likely that over the period required to teach a one hundred hour plus course, that your tech may become ill, or otherwise unable to run your equipment. So even if he or she is held up by traffic that means everyone is held up. “The show must go on” as they say, and if your only technician became unavailable, it would be a disaster for all of your offsite students.

If you would like to attend one of our classes via the Internet contact us by email at or call us at 714-258-8380 or 800-965-3390 for additional information. My upcoming course schedule is always on

If you are an instructor and would like to use our classroom to conduct a class with or without our Webcasting ability, please contact us using the information listed above.

May 2010 be your best year ever!

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