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I Respond and Say, “Lose the Weight and Be a Better Example of What Hypnosis Can Do”

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Today, I received a message from another hypnotist. He had a question or two about how to be successful conducting weight loss sessions when the hypnotist is overweight.

Hypnosis Works for Weight Loss, 'Im proof' says Cal Banyan.

I’ll summarize and paraphrase his questions here:

  1. I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from your books and other training materials.

  2. I know that you have lost weight and my question is about how you worked with clients for weight loss before you lost the weight

  3. I myself am overweight. I have a successful approach to helping others lose weight, but I’m wondering how should I handle it when they say, “If hypnosis works for weight loss, how come you are so overweight?”

  4. I’m coming out of a semi retirement and I want to specialize in weight loss. What is your advice?

Below is my response to everyone in the profession who is wondering about conducting weight loss sessions while being significantly overweight or obese. This is based on the email that I sent this hypnotist.

Hi (Name Withheld),

Thanks for your kind comments about my materials.

Regarding working with people on weight loss when one is not yet become a model of a successful outcome… The way I worked with clients when I was overweight was to let them know that I was “in process”. I did not work with weight loss clients until I had lost 15 pounds. After I had started to lose the weight, then I was able to share what was working for me and my other clients, i.e., The Secret Language of Feelings, and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, and now my “secret project”.

My recommendation is that since you said that you have a “very successful approach” then you need to go through it yourself and be successful using it. I believe that we, as professionals, need to “walk the walk” to the very best of our ability and demonstrate that what we do really works. Having a healthy and energetic body is essential to being successful in so many endeavors, and it is especially true in the profession of hypnotism.

I can only recommend that those who have a weight issue, especially hypnotists, do something that has proven to work for others (unless they have a medical condition that prohibits doing so). For me, that is The Secret Language of Feelings, and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis, and now my “secret project”.

When people would ask, which didn’t happen very often, in fact, I can’t remember a time when it did, “If hypnosis works for weight loss, how come you are so overweight?” what did you do? I’d let them know that being overweight had been a problem all my life and now I have found a way that works for me, and I would cite whatever amount of weight I had lost up to that time (be it 15, 25, or 35 pounds, etc). Of course, if I was not getting nearer my goal, I would never have done weight loss. I would have felt like a hypocrite in doing so.

I know of overweight hypnotists who are obese and are not having any success in losing weight who hold themselves out as being able to help others to lose weight with hypnosis. I know that if I were a client I would not be very hopeful that I was going to be helped by that hypnotist. I teach my students, helping clients to be successful is part of the first phase of the hypnotherapeutic process.

My advice to you is to overcome the weight issue. Obviously hypnosis should be a part of that process, but there is also a lot more you can do like I mentioned above.

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