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Cal Finishes 100+ Mile Ride, Thanks to 7th Path, Secret Project & Supporters!

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Stay Motivated with HypnosisLast Saturday morning at about 7:00 AM, Memo (a Secret Project friend) and I started off on a very long bicycle ride called the Amtrak Century Ride, sponsored by a local bike club, the Orange County Wheelmen.

After 7 hours of pedaling, we managed to ride from Irvine to San Diego, California! All in all, we rode 109 miles. It was a planned 101 miles but we missed a couple of turns and got some "bonus miles" in. 😉

In the photo above, you can see Memo (Guillermo Guiterrez) and I posing right after the ride. Before the ride, thanks to my secret project, we both lost a significant amount of weight. I’ve lost 27 pounds and he has lost over 30, and completing the 109 mile ride is a great indication of our new fitness and energy levels.

How did we do it? We did lots of practice rides. And, I managed to stay motivated by using 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®. I also couldn’t have done it without having lost weight and fully energizing myself with my secret project.

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