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Journal of Hypnotism Collectors Editions: Dr. North, Harry Arons & Gerald Kein!

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Rexford North in the Journal of HypnotismGerald Kein in the Journal of HypnotismHarry Arons in the Journal of Hypnotism

As you probably all know, we have been doing some late Spring Cleaning at the Banyan Hypnosis Center and we have run across some real gems and we are letting them all go because we need the room for some other projects!

Over the next couple of weeks, or so, we are going to put some of our duplicate copies of the NGH Journal of hypnotism on eBay. We, of course are keeping one of each copy for our library, but see no sense in hoarding the extra copies.

We are going to start off with some of the most interesting, and most collectible editions?

  • Dr. Rexford L. North – Was a founding member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Journal of Hypnotists. Before he disappeared under mysterious circumstances, his work helped to shape the profession of hypnotism we have today.

  • Harry Arons – Was the author of the New Master Course in Hypnotism, a master work which inspired the certification program used by the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a highly respected founder of the profession, he developed the 6 Levels/Stages of Hypnotism used in many hypnotism schools today, including the Banyan Hypnosis Center.

  • Gerald F. Kein – Is a highly loved and influential master teacher of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. He is known as being a master proponent of the work of Dave Elman, age regression work, forgiveness work and more, including a spiritual form of hypnosis he calls, UltraHeight®.

You will find these collectible issues above and other hypnosis training materials listed on our account on eBay. Happy bidding!

If you have questions about any of the items, call our office at 714-258-3390 or 800-965-3390. You can also email Danny@Hypnosis.ORG if you have questions about the bidding process or shipping, and such.

3 Reader Comments to Journal of Hypnotism Collectors Editions: Dr. North, Harry Arons & Gerald Kein!

  1. Cal Banyan June 28, 2009 at 7:26 AM

    Yesterday I got an email today asking me if the eBay NGH Journals listing w/ Dr North, Harry Arons & Jerry Kein was a popularity contest. That’s on of the dumbest things I can think of!

    See for yourself,

  2. Marchetta, Bruce March 15, 2011 at 12:43 PM

    Sharing. I knew of Harry Arons when I was appointed the VP of the American Hypnotist Assoc., Chapter 1, and Chartered by the State of New York. The Amazing Kreskin (.com) was a member and colleague. As a seasoned hypnotist certified in 1966, to this day I practice self-hypnosis and successfully teach/demonstrate; the power (ability) of the subconscious mind, affirmations, the power of positive constructive written out suggestions. I have read 100’s of books on hypnosis and have extracted information and ideas from the authors. I KNOWN the amazing benefits once can Learn & used by reading on and practicing self-hypnosis. Test yourself, buy a book on line or barrow one from the public library as I first did at the age of 14. In the words of my original tutor actor Orson Wells,” Indeed hypnotism is a beneficial tool, but still largely unknown by the general public” Encouragingly and positively yours, Bruce Marchetta PMA San Diego, CA. (

  3. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, DNGH March 15, 2011 at 1:10 PM

    Gosh Bruce – How old are you?  🙂

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