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Revealing 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teleseminar Recording Just Posted!

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7th Path Self-Hypnosis®

Wow what a night! Last night I did the teleseminar with Elsom Eldridge, Jr. I revealed more about how 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® was developed than I have ever revealed in a public forum in the past.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis® was revealed to me during a fascinating journey involving my spiritual calling, motorcycle clubs, channeling and so on.

Click on the link to hear this seminar and find out what is so exciting about 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®, the divine mind-body-spirit personal transformation technique. Learn why it is called "The very first antivirus software for the human mind".

Or download the file here.

More information about 7th Path.

If you want to enroll in this course at the upcoming National Guild of Hypnotists convention contact them immediately. Call the NGH at (603) 429-9438. If you have questions about the class contact me at or call our office: (714) 258-8380 or 800-965-3390.

2 Reader Comments to Revealing 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teleseminar Recording Just Posted!

  1. Georgina Cooke Holland October 6, 2009 at 4:32 PM

    HI Cal
    I hope you remember me! That lady that was late for the first class a couple of years ago and comes from Jamaica, & wouldn’t have her picture taken?! Well, you or may not remember… but I want to let you know that I have had a very difficult personal time & I just want to say, that the ONLY thing (& I truly do mean THE ONLY)thing that got me through was 7th Path. It is out of this world in all the different areas that it has worked and I simply can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for sharing all this with me. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH. If this message gets to you, please could you email me, I really would so love to be in contact in regard to 7th Path & thank you personally…Bless you so much. Georgina

  2. Cal Banyan, MA, BCH, CI, FNGH October 6, 2009 at 4:40 PM

    Hi Georgina,

    It is so glad to hear from you. 🙂 And, of course I am very happy to hear that 7th Path has gotten you through some tough times.

    Email and ask her to make sure you are on the 7th Path Teachers Group on Yahoo, and the 5-PATH group as well. That way it will be easy to keep in touch. I look forward to hearing more about your journey on the Path.

    With you on the Path,

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