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Free One Hour Overview Talk about 5-PATH® on Friday of the NGH Convention

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Here is the information I promised about my other workshop at the NGH convention in August. It is a free 1-hour overview of 5-PATH®. This will be a great opportunity to learn about 5-PATH® and ask questions about the advanced hypnotherapeutic process.

As I mentioned before in my previous post, both of my 1 and 2 hour workshops will be held on Friday. If you want to attend either one of these talks/workshops contact the NGH right away. Their information is on Each year people who want to attend my workshops miss out because the room fills up. To make sure you get into my talks, make sure you contact the NGH and let them know you want to attend!

By the way, in case you missed the previous post; my other workshop is a 2-hour program on using Parts Mediation Work to help clients when just about everything else has failed.

Finally, remember to check out my pre-convention 7th Path Teachers Certification course. Click here for details.

See you at the convention!

Go with the Winners: Introduction to 5-PATH® an Advanced Systematic Approach to Hypnosis: Learn Why 5-PATH® is the Fastest Growing System of Hypnosis for Success

When you have a successful proven system of hypnosis work and hypnotherapy, you have confidence in the work you do. Your skills improve and your success increases to a much higher level. This makes your clients happy, then they refer new clients to you and your practice becomes much more successful. Cal Banyan’s Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis™ also popularly known as 5-PATH® is such a system.

In this presentation of an overview of 5-PATH®, participants will learn:

  • Understand what 5-PATH® really is and when to use it.

  • How a systematic approach improves success.

  • How to integrate direct suggestion, age regression and parts work.

  • Why it is vitally important that you have a way to work with Secondary Gain.

  • Why insight work is much more powerful than direct suggestion work alone.

This workshop gives you what you need to know in order to get an understanding of why so many successful hypnotists have sought out and trained in 5-PATH®. Find out why it is one of the fastest growing Special Interest Groups in the NGH.

  • Discuss why a systematic approach benefits the hypnotist and client.

  • Discuss why being a generalist helps to build your practice.

  • Learn why mastering age regression makes you a more successful hypnotist.

  • Brief discussion of parts work for forgiveness and overcoming Secondary Gain issues.

  • Learn how to “segue” for much more powerful results from your direct suggestion work.

5-PATH® Overview Outline

  1. Phase I: Client preparation, Induction, Testing & Convincing Work, is done to ensure that the client is able to reach somnambulism, which is required to utilize age regression and parts work to follow.

  2. Phase II: Age Regression and Progression Work, to uncover causal and subsequent events related to the issue. This includes neutralizing the cause of the issue, neutralizing the effect of subsequent events, and age progression work.

  3. Phase III: Forgiveness of Others Work, is done to remove anger that is connecting the individual to the issue and continuing to motivate your client to experience the problem (i.e., drinking or over eating to distract herself from the emotion).

  4. Phase IV: Forgiveness of Self Work, is done to remove any anger that your client may have toward herself, and/or feelings of guilt that is connecting her to the issue or continuing to motivate your client to experience the problem.

  5. Phase V: Parts Mediation Work, is done only when secondary gain issues are significant, and continue to motivate the client to experience the problematic behavior, symptom or illness, after the cause of the problem has been removed.

5-PATH® was developed as he studied many of the greats in the profession, including the teachings of Dave Elman, Gerald Kein, Charles Tebbetts, Roy Hunter, Harry Arons and others. The 5-PATH® approach has been tested and improved by Cal Banyan at his center, as well as 5-PATHers around the world, who have conducted thousands upon thousands of individual hypnotherapy sessions with 5-PATH® as their primary modality.

Cal Banyan owns the Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc. where the Hypnotherapists use the 5-PATH® system of hypnotherapy to help clients with a broad range of issues.

Cal Banyan is co-author of the book, Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy: Basic To Advanced Techniques For The Professional. He is also the author of, The Secret Language of Feelings. He is the recipient of the following NGH awards: Certified Instructor of the Year (2002 & 2003), Educator of the Year (2003), Charles Tebbetts Award (2005). He received his FNGH in 2004 and was entered into the Order of Braid (2005). Most recently he received the NGH Presidents Award (2008). He is also well known for his free weekly online hypnosis training videos that he publishes on

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