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NEWS FLASH! UltraDepth® Training Coming Soon – Very, VERY Cool Stuff!

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UltraDepth® is the process used to reach the Sichort State®, an altered state of consciousness that, practitioners tell us is a place of accelerated healing, spontaneous anesthesia, and the perfect state of mind for age regression and past life regression work.

Now you can learn how to create this state in your hypnotic subjects and clients from the world’s expert, James Ramey. James Ramey was selected by Walter Sichort (the one who discovered the UltraDepth ® process) to teach this truly special process. Mr. Ramey studied under Walter for 7 years before he was selected to be THE teacher of the process.

Get the whole story by viewing a video and reading a short story about the development of the process.

Early Registration Discount:

Save $400.00 if you register by April 30th – $1100.00 for the June and November courses.

Attendance Eligibility Requirements

Open to any individual who:

  • Is interested in training that goes beyond traditional hypnotherapy

  • Possess an open mind

  • Genuinely desires to help others

  • Can speak, read and write in English

  • Is at least 18 years of age

Questions: If you have any questions, give us a call at (714) 258-8380.

In tough economic times like these, hypnotists sometimes need to think outside of the box, as they say. I urge hypnotists to take a serious look at this information. Perhaps getting trained and certified in UltraDepth® may be the right thing for you. It was for me! I went through the course several years ago, and I’m very glad I did.

Learn more about UltraDepth® and get the course schedule!

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